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Appetite for the Arts in East Falls

Who knew we were so hungry for dinner theatre here? Full house both nights at Trolley Car Cafe for “TURNPIKE,” an original play by Fallser Kathy Anderson and the Philadelphia Theatre Workshop. 


When it comes to supporting local theatre, East Falls commits to the part: we show up in droves, we present full attention, we clap out culture-loving hearts out.

“We had an amazing time presenting our new play, TURNPIKE, at Trolley Car Cafe,” said Kathy Anderson, co-writer of the play with Bill Felty, who also directed the play. “The audiences were so wonderful, the best you could ever hope for.”

It was a first for both Philadelphia Theatre Workshop and Trolley Car Café – dinner and live theatre on the restaurant’s outside patio on August 21 & 22.

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Yes! And… Collaborative Arts’ Auction and Holiday Party

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts is dedicated to empowering young lives through imagination, community, and creativity. Join us in celebrating the year and raise a glass to our incredible accomplishments!

Some highlights:

  • Remarkable items (make for great gifts!)
  • Exciting trips and getaways
  • Delectable catered food from chef Catherine Wuenschel
  • Beer provided by Earth Bread + Brewery and desserts provided by High Point Cafe

No need to find a babysitter!
Kids are invited for a movie, popcorn, and winter-themed crafts!

Prices: $25/adult, $10/child. Purchase tickets through our website or at the door.

For information, please contact Yes! And… Collaborative Arts at (215)-278-4264 or michael@yesandcamp.org.

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