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Let’s Roll!

Update March 30, 2017: Spring is back and MLK Drive will be closed weekends to car traffic all season long! 

Open Streets on MLK every weekend, now through October. Fun, easy trips for Fallsers. 

When I first heard that the city closes this whole drive from East Falls all the way downtown, I thought it must be a rumor, or a quaint memory from a time before traffic & parking issues trumped public recreational needs.

But no:  it’s true!

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Convivial Corner Returns to Paradise Nextdoor — Not

NOV 2017 UPDATE: Remember that bar/restaurant that was supposed to open here? Change of plans.

Not so fast, Catfish. After another two years of languishing while Sherman & Cavaliere launched Foghorn Chicken farther up Ridge Ave instead, demolition has begun on this historic building. The owners deemed it so far damaged it’s not worth trying to renovate.

Word on the street is that this lot will be sold for new residential construction to meet this area’s high demand. Sorry, history. We’d rather replace all our local character with shiny new boxes for luxury home seekers.

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Fishy History: Closeup with Our Catfish Cupola

Eastfallslocal collage Catfish Cupola txt

Look up — Falls of Schuykill library’s weathervane has fins instead of feathers! Up close ‘n personal with East Falls’ catfish cupola, including the question on everyone’s mind:  What’s the deal with fish around here? 

Eastfallslocal art around neigborhood

A neat quirk about East Falls — we sneak art into the weirdest places: driveways, porch trim, random sidewalk repairs, landscaping…  In addition to bazillions of unique residential details, our neighborhood has lots of funky public art, too. Often fish-themed:

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East Falls Forward: Coming Around Again

Another year, another reboot. Say hello to the new East Falls Forward, our neighborhood’s year-old zoning body aimed at business and development.  Recap from Thursday January 21st’s meeting with pics, video, and links for online participation on key issues affecting our streetscape and quality of life. 

EastFallslocal meeting collage January eff text

This was the most un-meeting meeting ever:  we all sat around a table, chatting for the most part. There was beer and popcorn, the sound of kids playing in the background. Less than 20 of us gathered, mostly familiar faces from other meetings, including Bill Epstein (EFCC president) and Gina Snyder (EFDC director).

Some chatting, then we got down to business. Super-short summary:

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(voice of) God is Dead

EastFallsLocal Steve carolyn papers on couch px color soft px 8x10 px drop shadow

Hello. We interrupt our coverage of East Falls & environs to bring you this special message:

We write like this on purpose.

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Welcome to the Party, NBC

Update February 16, 2017: Ding ding ding another win for Murphy’s, rated best Irish Pub in Pennsylvania by IrishCentral.com! 

Few would argue that Irish drinking establishments hold a certain cachet for connoisseurs of good times — every year, it seems another “Best Irish Pubs” list shows up with new contenders.

This year, IrishCentral.com scouted their top picks across the country, and named our neighbhorhood’s reigning champion: Billy Murphy Irish Saloonery, as the Number One Irish Bar in our state. Exactly NO ONE is suprised…

So this makes NBC, Philly.com, Buzzfeed, Playboy (see below), and now Irish Central in the two years we’ve been covering East Falls. Congratulations to Mike Murphy and his mom, who deserve all the good buzz they get.

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Sean Stevens: Ready for Liftoff

Sean Stevens’ campaign heats up as he prepares to challenge Pam DeLissio in April’s primary for state representative of the 194th District.27macrosignSean Stevens is one step closer to challenging Pam DeLissio for the Democratic nomination for State Representative, 194th district. After weeks of knocking on doors and shaking hands, the East Falls resident (Stanton Street) has gotten the 300 signatures he needs to get his name on the ballot in April.

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Waiting & Wondering at Wister

What’s going on with the staff at Wister? For Robin Lowry, it’s like Sitting in Limbo… 

Welp. We don’t know where we’ll be next year. Wister? A new school? Quit? Go into Forestry?  (That’s what I dream of on a bad day.)

The District walked back it’s decision to keep Wister “District controlled.” Mastery now gets to put in an application.  Only Mastery even bid — no surprise to anyone living in Germantown.  Parents on the Evaluation Committee didn’t like what they saw on the Mastery Tour other than what money could buy: shiny new everything. Parents keep asking why Wister can’t have those resources NOW?  Good question.

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Kids At Play: An Indoor Gym for All Abilities

Your kid will have a blast at Kids At Play, a fantastic local resource for families with special needs children — or not. This indoor “multi-sensory playground” packs thrills for all skill levels with zip-line, ball pit, swings, slides, and more. Plus, support & education, too. Only in East Falls!

EastFallsLocal Kids at Play collage

For the uninitiated, Kids at Play looks like a McDonald’s play place on steroids. But marketing director Julia Singer Katz explains much more is going on than all the jumping and laughing around us — kids of different abilities are having fun together.

No one knows who has “special needs” or what those might be, everyone is simply enjoying the colorful, exciting space side-by-side. For many families, such normalcy can be a real treat.

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Local Business Helps Power Mifflin

Trolley Car Café and East Falls Businesses come together to support our neighborhood school.

EastFallsLocal collage East Falls Business Loves Mifflin

Mifflin School got a welcome boost this week in the form of a grant check from Trolley Car Café and several other local businesses. And there was no better “thank you” for donors visiting the school on Friday morning, than a classroom full of smiling, playful kindergarteners. The kids joked and showed off their math and language chops, skills that Trolley Car’s grant money will help sharpen in the years to come.

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