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BACKache to the beach!

A few simple tips from Dr. Chris McKenzie to bulletproof your back, and ensure a pain free summer experience at the beach.

Pictured: Tom Caley, owner of East Falls Chiropractic.

Summer is here and before you know it, you’ll be heading down to the Jersey Shore for some R&R on the beach. Keep in mind that your back can use a vacation too from sitting at your desk all week.

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New Years Day Yoga Class

Join us  at Mellow Massage & Yoga for a class taught by Liza Dioso 200 RYT.  This class is all about intention setting!  This class will be rooted in new beginnings as you allow this time on your mat to become the catalyst that will set the tone for the upcoming year.  This special class will be led with clear and intentional movements linked by the breath.  Come to class with a personal intention or choose one from our Sankalpa deck.  Sankalpa is Sanskrit for, “intention formed by the heart and mind”. 

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