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Big Splash with Neighbors

International artist and educator Meishan Pan Hutchison whips up creative magic in the Mills.

There’s a canvas-papered room in Splash Lab Arts where they’ll smock you up and let you go to town with brushes and a rainbow of food-safe paint:  splash splat swish sploosh!

Kids of all ages flip for this, obviously, but grown-ups too have been re-discovering how much fun it is to play with art supplies! Especially when you BYOB with a roomful of friends…

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Kids, Today

Chestnut Hill jewelry shop owner looks back fondly on her days sharing a Bowman St. rowhome with college friends in the 90’s.


Ugh, college kids — AMIRIGHT?!

A pack of 20-somethings renting the house attached to yours is practically every East Falls homeowner’s worst nightmare, if you believe the hype at Community Council meetings.

Between Drexel Medicine, PhillyU, and PCOM we are a prime location for students passing through — with no supervision, no accountability. Constantly drunk. Attacking planters, pitching woo on porches, hogging up all the parking.

What becomes of these hooligans?! We recently tracked one down in Chestnut Hill… 

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The Donnybrook’s in the Details

That time Brian Hickey tried to do a nice story on East Falls’ painted shamrock… 

If you’re new to East Falls this fall or winter, you may have noticed a fading smear of green paint in the road at the intersection of Ridge & Midvale. It’s not graffiti, but a 50+ year tradition that takes place here every St. Paddy’s Day.

Until 2016, the ritual’s origins and methods were cloaked in mystery. But last year local journalist Brian Hickey took a fateful pub crawl that led him first to a great tale of beer, camaraderie, and Irish pride — then almost immediately into a two-fisted neighborhood feud.

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“The Shot” Celebrates Epic Finish

Bowman Street artist captures Villanova basketball’s championship moment and helps fund a great cause.

Any Philly sports fan worth their salt has seen “The Shot” repeatedly – Villanova’s Kris Jenkins rising up to nail a buzzer-beating shot to win the 2016 NCAA basketball championship. It’s an epic moment and, in a region that doesn’t see too many championships, it’s only right that local artists have worked to memorialize it.

The Falls is doing its part with “The Shot,” a dense, colorful work of art by Bowman Street’s Drew Montemayor.

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March Goodness!

Keep your March Madness drinking games and green beers to yourself – our beer expert and renowned foodie suggests sophisticated, artful beers for getting hammered in style.

March is here and that means organizing those brackets and asking those age-old questions, “What will NOVA do?” & “Will Temple get snubbed?”

It also means warmer temperatures, and of course a certain day in which imbibing alcoholic beverages whilst navigating demented leprechauns, kilt-wearers, ginger-inflicted persons, and large green-clad masses becomes a contact sport in small Irish watering holes — such as our own beloved Murphy’s Irish Saloonery! (If you have never experienced the craziness of St. Pat’s at Murph’s, it is something to behold!)

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Road Rage

Ouch — friction online over PennDOT’s plans for safety/speeding improvements along our stretch of Henry Avenue! Tuesday night’s meeting looks like a doozie already… 

Heads up! This meeting should make for some interesting video if the chatter on Nextdoor is any indication. Community Council’s traffic committee has been bickering quite publicly, with a few former/current members pushing for a roundabout that their own chair considers unrealistic.

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Winter Warning: Safety Tips for Your Dog

It takes more than fur to make it safely through the winter. Dr. Patten shares a few tips to keep your pal safe and warm on cold winter walks.

Is sidewalk salt harmful to my dog?

Sidewalk deicers can be made up of many different chemicals, such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium carbonate.  All of these chemicals can irritate the skin on your dog’s paws. Luckily, none of these chemicals are absorbed through the skin. To avoid the skin irritation, place booties on your dog when you walk outside, or simply wipe your dog’s paws with a wet towel when you come inside. The water will dilute any chemicals and rinse them away.

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Fallser Flashback: John Lennox

Going old school with one Fallser’s pics and memories from the old neighborhood.

Stanton street’s own John Lennox shares some childhood memories in this edition of Fallser Flashbacks – tales from back in the day from those who lived it.

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What About Conrad?

The possibilities for economic development on one of the Falls’ original business corridors.

Conrad Street serves East Falls wonderfully and is a valuable part of our neighborhood. We help support it through regular street cleaning and we’ve helped Conrad businesses get outdoor seating, zoning variances, and have provided other assistance with utility companies and the like.

We do receive questions occasionally from business owners and neighbors about development plans along Conrad and if there are other resources available to assist businesses. I’ve responded to a few below:

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Love Thy Neighbor

Fun Facts to warm your heart about St. James School in nearby Allegheny — from free community dinners to the most historic “Mannequin challenge” ever. 

(Image from St. James School’s Facebook page)

St. James the Less church and cemetery is a National Historic Landmark — it’s the country’s first pure English Parish-style church, and one of the finest examples of 19th Century American Gothic architecture.

Totally accidental, btw. The congregation here asked their English counterparts for the church plans they’d all discussed and agreed upon. Instead of those, someone sent entirely different plans, whoops.

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