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Easter Outreach: Helping Neighbors in Need

Metro Presbyterian Church joined with neighbors to fight hunger during the Easter holiday.

If you don’t know Metro Presbyterian Church, you should get yourself up to speed on this neighborhood resource. The latest example of the church’s good works – an Easter Outreach that brought together dozens of volunteers and neighbors to deliver free meals to families in the Falls, Roxborough, and Manayunk. It’s the third year the church has been participating and, like the previous two, it’s grown in size, scope, and success.

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Canines Just in Time

Therapy dogs coming to the rescue at the VNA Philadelphia Hospice.

Doggie dearth. Canine decline. Whatever you call it, the patients at the VNA Philadelphia Hospice (VNAPH) haven’t seen a cheerful pup since 2016.

Back then Stella, an intuitive, sweet Doberman mix, and Ni-Chin, a Japanese Chin, who often wore costumes and rode in a Santa sleigh during the holidays, used to go room to room in the 15-bed inpatient unit, bringing smiles to the patients and the staff.

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Heavyweight Heart: Roxie the Boxer

Grand-dog, teacher’s pet, and “medical miracle” – a tribute to Roxie the boxer.

Having fought the odds most of her life, Roxie passed away peacefully during an afternoon nap on March 17th, but not without leaving a loving legacy among family members, neighbors, and grateful schoolchildren. Leslie Levy, of Time Out for Pets, describes Roxie’s well-lived life.

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Pulling for Pitbulls

50’s flashback at Murphy’s Saloon as pinup girls and local volunteers come together to help a misunderstood breed.


If pitbulls are supposed to be terrifying killers, then Cammie, a 50 pound rescue from ACCT, wasn’t doing a very good job. In fact, her killer instinct had been missing since she arrived at Murphy’s as the main attraction for the Pinups and Pitbulls fundraiser on Sunday March 6th.

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Let Your Lovelight Shine at McMichael

Honor loved ones and keep McMichael Park beautiful with your Lovelights message.Eastfallslocal.Lovelights2006wPolaroid frame and textLovelights are back!  Now in its 17th year, the February tradition at McMichael Park celebrates loves of all kinds — friends, family, even three-legged pets — with Lovelight messages, like these from last year:

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Neighbor with Giant Connections Delivers

New Krail Street kitchen courtesy of local Gentle Giant reps

Eastfallslocal collage moving truck fridge text

UPDATE (October 6, 2015): Finally moved in! See pics at end of post.

New floors, rugs, bunkbeds, furniture — things are looking up at the Krail house and Colleen Moffitt is almost home again. The latest improvement? A refrigerator and a stove, courtesy of these guys–

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KEEPING IT REAL: “It’s a Shame What People Do Here”

UPDATE 8-3-15: The park seems to be back in shape! Gate’s fixed and trash is gone! Thanks Stacy for calling attention to the importance of a clean, safe Inn Yard Park for everyone.

THANKS, TOO, to Merrick Street newcomer (and East Falls Forward volunteer) Morgan Bound for passing along word to his friend in the Parks Dept, who then sprung into action for East Falls!

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“If you fall, I’ll be there.” — Floor

Never underestimate the importance of flooring. Wow what a difference at the Krail House Rebuild! Big thanks to Aramingo Carpet & Flooring for donating everything. And for Bill & Andy, who worked so hard in sweltering heat despite being roughly one-and-a-half fingers short of four hands.

EastFallsLocal Aramingo Carpet Flooring FEATURE for article

7-18-15  *UPDATE* Elbert Chen (volunteer contractor extraordinaire) 
Hello everyone. In regards to the plumbing, the short story is that it was in very bad shape, but with Colleen’s son Anthony at the helm (he is a plumber), all the rough-in work was finished and tested as of Sun 7/12. He plans to do the final hookups once the floors and fixtures are in. Until then, there will continue to be no running water inside the house and the waste line has been capped off in the basement to prevent sewer gasses from coming into the house. The spigot outside was unaffected and will still work as it did before.

There is some cleanup to do and collateral damage to the drywall that needs to be fixed. I want to double-check the kitchen ceiling before it gets sealed up though. I’m missing a few tools and I think they might be in the crawlspace.

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Full Steam for Team Colleen!

After four weekends of dry-walling, the Krail Street house pushes hard in the home stretch! Quotes and photos recap Team Colleen’s progress as we work to get the family home in two weeks.

Eastfallslocal collage


We really made a hard push last weekend and during last week (Ryan had multiple 5:30am alarms)!
And then hit it hard again Saturday and Sunday (Sean worked it on Father’s Day)!
Elbert is working wonders with the kitchen window!
And I think we’ve all developed some cool new skills?! 😉
The 2nd and 3rd floor are all but ready for coats of paint! HUGE success!
Congrats and thank you! We are getting there!!!
Soon, Colleen and her Family will be home again — after 5 years!!
No matter what challenges you have this week, remember: you did THAT!
Never, never, never give up!!!

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Nephew Asks for Help, Neighbors Come Running

UPDATE 6-16-15

We are deeply saddened by the news today of David Farnin’s passing. Condolences to the family, our thoughts and hearts are with them.

Over $5600 raised in eight days for this beloved 30-year resident & Sports Association coach

Eastfallslocal David Farmin and Nancy on beach

We recently spoke with Cliff Snyder, who created a GoFundMe campaign to help his aunt Nancy Hillanbrand-Farnin manage expenses incurred during his uncle David’s years-long battle with brain cancer.

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