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First Time’s the Charm for Local Soccer Champs

East Falls, we have a winner!

Courtesy Meghan Smyth

In only its first year of existence, the East Falls traveling soccer team stormed through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation League last year like Maradona through a B team defense (sorry, I imagine the kids these days prefer Ronaldo or Messi) and pulled off an upset win to take home the title for the 10 and under division in December.

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DIG THIS: East Falls Squash Star Rises this Summer

Annnnnd they’re off! Team USA’s left for the 2017 World Junior Championships in New Zealand this July 19 – 29. Big cheers for East Falls’ own Elisabeth Ross (lower left), putting her training to the test across the globe!

Catch updates on USASquash.com, or watch the live feed from Tauranga where the best Junior squash players on the planet match skills & drive for the title of World Champion. Competition is fierce, but so are Fallsers — bring it home, E! We couldn’t be more excited for Elisabeth, making history in a sport that’s so connected to our past.

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That Time Connor Barwin Came to Mifflin

In case you’re not bummed enough Philly’s losing this guy… 

What a loss! Connor Barwin was not just a leader on the field, he was a generous neighbor who gave back to the community. His Make the World Better Foundation supports all kinds of arts/athletics/wellness programs, and as a role model, Connor makes time to inspire kids all around the city — including East Falls.

Back in December 2014, Connor stopped by Mifflin School to judge the Junior Flower Show and engage students about seeds, plants, and trees. Our photos from that day show a guy who had a blast — just a big kid with an even bigger heart.

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No Ordinary Open

Big drama this year at the East Falls Open as Pat McCusker took the title in a sudden death playoff.


Pat McCusker won the 97th East Falls Open Golf Championship in dramatic fashion, pulling even with 13-time champion Chris Kallmeyer on the final hole before edging him out on the first hole of the sudden death playoff at Sandy Run Country Club on September 12th.

Kallmeyer was even par with one-stroke lead going into the final hole, but three-putted for bogey, opening the door for McCusker to force a playoff.

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Lasting Links

Next week’s East Falls Open is the 97th anniversary of the country’s longest running neighborhood golf tournament.


The East Falls Golf Championship is not your father’s golf tournament, or your grandfather’s. It might be your great grandfather’s though. Now in its 97th year, the Championship (aka the East Falls Open) is the oldest neighborhood golf tournament in the country.

Although the tournament didn’t begin until 1920, it had its roots in 1893 when the Philadelphia Country Club opened near City Line Avenue (on the current site of Target and the Presidential City Apartments), giving boys in the Falls a chance to work as caddies.

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Happy Camper Report, Summer 2016

Playground, schmayground — day camp at McDevitt provides good times and adventure in our own backyard, and beyond. Camp director (and lifetime local) Rachel Tschanz’s updates us with pics from the first week of fun. 

EastFallsLocal collage resize header txt colors whoops

McDevitt offers Summer day camp? You betcha! Boys and girls from 6 to 12 enjoy six weeks of play, friendship, field trips, and special surprises. Best of all, kids meet from all over the neighborhood, fostering friendships that bridge age-old race and class divides.

This year’s new camp director shares photos full of smiles and silliness, as she admires how well her campers demonstrate qualities like empathy and understanding. Perhaps there’s a lesson for all of us here?

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Learning Curves at PC’s Winter Baseball Clinic

Penn Charter’s Winter Baseball Clinic keeps the game simple.

Eastfallslocal.equipment bag macro

Want your child to learn to hit like a pro? They’ve already got some of the basic concepts down, according to David Miller, head of Penn Charter’s Winter Baseball Clinic and former first-round draft choice of the Cleveland Indians.

“When you ask a kid how they get higher on a swingset, every one of them knows the answer — it’s swinging back farther. A baseball swing is like that too. The farther back you go, the more power you generate when you swing through. Every kid knows that, but it’s the picture that makes it real for them.”

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Ciao, East Falls: New Bocce Club Forms

Let’s roll! Anyone can play this fun, social game now meeting at McDevitt. Come join your neighbors, it’s free to play — or just watch and heckle (ha).

Eastfallslocal beths post that started it all textIt started with a casual conversation on an internet forum that caters to local neighborhoods: “Anyone interested in playing bocce?” And so it was that barely a week later, 3 former strangers met behind the tennis courts at McDevitt Recreation Center and began laying the foundation for a bocce club.

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Boys of Summer, 1864

East Fallser George Grigonis helps recreate 19th century baseball in Fairmount Park.

Eastfallslocal.Vintage Baseball.Pre Game Athletics Bench2.RETOUCHEDAGAINI’m standing next to an open field with no discernable basepaths, batter’s box, or pitching mound, yet I’m told by a man with a handlebar mustache and a newsboy cap that I’m looking at a baseball diamond.

Men in wool uniforms and neckties wave thick bats over their heads and an arbiter (aka umpire) in a straw boater, watch chain, and long overcoat prepares the chalk scoreboard.

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Get Your Spot: East Falls Summer Sports Camp

Eastfallslocal.McDevitt Camp

Sharpen your children’s skills in several sports this summer at McDevitt Recreation Center. Games, teamwork, fun, and fundamentals–what more could you ask for? How about breakfast and lunch daily, and at least two field trips to amusement parks? Sign up is open now until July 6.

Eastfallslocal.McDevitt Camp3

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