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Simple Tips for a Healthier You

Living healthier can be as simple as a few tweaks to your daily routine. Dr. Ron Merriel of Blue Skies Chiropractic has some suggestions.


In our modern world, we are constantly bombarded with toxins on a daily basis, so I have written down some of the easiest ways to lessen the toxic stresses put on our bodies. I believe that once you get adjusted to them, they could soon become a part of your lifestyle.

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Juice Boost

Forget the vitamin supplements, give your diet a natural boost. Tips from Sherman Mills chiropractor Dr. Ron Merriel in this month’s “Health Matters Q&A” 

Juicing Image.TWEAKED

Hi Doc,

I want to start taking vitamin supplements, but there are so many choices, I don’t know which ones to buy. Can you make any recommendations? 

– Maggie S.

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Back Pain Explained

Health Matters Q&A” with Sherman Mills chiropractor Dr. Ron MerrielThis installment: a simple explanation for one reader’s mysterious back pain.


I haven’t had an injury or an accident or anything but for the last six months I’ve had a come-and-go ache in my back, particularly between my shoulders, neck, across the middle of my back.

The only thing I can think of is maybe it’s all the hours I’ve been putting in at my new job?

-Josh M.

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Health Matters: A Q&A with Dr. Ron Merriel

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Sherman Mills chiropractor now answers your most interesting questions at East Falls Local.  Go ahead and ask him about your tennis elbow or that clicking you hear when you wriggle into a t-shirt, and stay tuned for his thoughtful reply. Dr. Merriel is serious about helping East Fallsers live fuller, healthier lives.

Dental Discomfort

Health Matters Q&A” with Sherman Mills chiropractor Dr. Ron Merriel. This installment: a pain in the jaw.

Hi Doc!
I have a lot of pain on one side of my jaw. I have been to the dentist and she told me that I have TMJ disorder.

It hurts, gets stiff and sometimes clicks. Is this something that a chiropractor can help with? I heard that they can adjust all sorts of joints in the body.
– Sylvia T.

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Couch Potato Blues

Health Matters Q&A” with Sherman Mills chiropractor Dr. Ron Merriel. This installment: getting off the couch and into the exercise swing.


Hi Dr. Ron:

Just bought a house in East Falls with my girlfriend. When we lived in center city we walked or biked everywhere. Now we drive a lot more and the recent cold snap has kept us indoors, which makes me feel kinda sluggish. Any tips for getting back on track?  — Ryan B. 

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Dear Ryan,

Try not to over-think it.  You want to form the exercise habit and make it a part of your life.  And don’t think that you have to go full-out in the gym for an hour or run a mile or two to get back into things.

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