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(Take Another Little) Piece of Our Past

As new construction goes up, older buildings come down. What can Fallsers do to save our architectural legacy? 

East Falls and Allegheny West lost more than lovely architecture last month: the old “Catifsh Café” had been a favorite meeting place for folks from both neighborhoods since it was built in 1875. Back in the 80’s/90’s, it was famous for big, juicy burgers and the occasional Charles Barkley sighting. And we were so close to saving it!

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Wee Made It!

Finally! After four years of litigation, the kids of Wee Care Daycare can play outside again.

Hard to believe the “hostage situation” on Midvale Avenue is over at last!

The school’s children had been banned from their own play yard as lawyers wrestled over Wee Care’s right to land they legally purchased and then almost lost when the seller reneged on the contract. While the grownups duked it out in court, the kids were stuck inside all day, every day.

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Real Estate Blotter

Summer may be ending but our local real estate market is heating up. Listings in East Falls & environs are selling high and fast. 

Head for the border of East Falls & Allegheny West for a massive undertaking of new residential development. Rose Cooper (president, Ridge/Allegheny/Hunting Park Neighbors Association) confirmed that Phase 1 of the project – rental duplexes – is almost complete.

“People have already started moving in,” Rose told us, even though the last unit is still under construction at Commissioners & Shedwick Streets.

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