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(Take Another Little) Piece of Our Past

As new construction goes up, older buildings come down. What can Fallsers do to save our architectural legacy? 

East Falls and Allegheny West lost more than lovely architecture last month: the old “Catifsh Café” had been a favorite meeting place for folks from both neighborhoods since it was built in 1875. Back in the 80’s/90’s, it was famous for big, juicy burgers and the occasional Charles Barkley sighting. And we were so close to saving it!

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Love Thy Neighbor

Fun Facts to warm your heart about St. James School in nearby Allegheny — from free community dinners to the most historic “Mannequin challenge” ever. 

(Image from St. James School’s Facebook page)

St. James the Less church and cemetery is a National Historic Landmark — it’s the country’s first pure English Parish-style church, and one of the finest examples of 19th Century American Gothic architecture.

Totally accidental, btw. The congregation here asked their English counterparts for the church plans they’d all discussed and agreed upon. Instead of those, someone sent entirely different plans, whoops.

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St. James School honors a long-time resident and organizer with its first annual community service award. 

Ms. Cooper is the type of person who never gives up. She is always fighting to make our neighborhood a safer, better place.” That’s how Agustina, a 5th grader at St. James School, characterized Rose Cooper in a recent speech honoring the recipient of the school’s 1st annual community service award.

The ceremony, held at Christ Church in Old City over the holidays, honored those instrumental to the founding of the school as well as service to the Allegheny West neighborhood.

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