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Top Cop on Coulter?

With the top spot on the democratic ballot and some big endorsements, Coulter street’s Rich Negrin could be Philly’s next District Attorney. We get his take on a few of the big issues as well as some of his favorite spots in the Falls.

Family time at Penn Charter. (l to r) Rachel, Helen (grandmom), Connor, Rich, Karen, Mariel, and Brian (grandpop)

We’ve got Ed Rendell and a few other political notables hereabouts, but we could always use another local celeb. With any luck next month’s District Attorney election will make Rich Negrin the new top cop in Philly. In preparation, we got his take on where he’s from, how he got to the Falls, and what he hopes to do as DA.

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Well Founded

Founded Coffee and Pizza is more than an innovative new business, it’s a classic immigrant success story.

Fahri and his brothers. (l to r) Ahmet, Fahri, Mustafa, and Halil

Fahri Demirpence, owner of Founded Coffee and Pizza on Henry Ave., didn’t always dream of coming to America. But when he was growing up in the village of Atmanek in Turkey (near Suruc and the Syrian border), the constant threat of violence convinced him early on that life had to be better elsewhere.

I was 5 or 6 and I can still remember the bullets, the red tracers, flying overhead. My brothers and I could see them from our bedroom….”

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Huddle Up, East Falls!

Pennsylvania might’ve swung red this election, but Philadelphia’s a proud blue Sanctuary City. For many Fallsers, political action seems the next step — but how? Tactical, team-oriented strategies for local resistance. 

Sorry, guys, but journalistic “objectivity” is not our thing. You might as well know it: we disagree with the current White House administration — in particular their use of the phrase “alternative facts” with a straight face. That’s our defining line, at least. Yours may be gender equality or the Muslim ban or the Johnson Amendment

Whatever it is, experts have devised a plan with three targets & four tactics we can all employ to help fight against threats to justice, freedom, and the American way. Groups now meeting on Midvale!

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Meeting with NewCourtland Has Tails Wagging

You don’t have to be a dog owner to appreciate this month’s East Falls Forward agenda — but it helps! NewCourtland leads the pack with news of an off-leash play area in their site plans. 

As NewCourtland’s plans move forward, dog park specs come into focus. We’ve got two questions we’re hoping to get answered at Thursday night’s East Falls Forward meeting:

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SPIN or Get Off the Pot

UPDATE, DECEMBER 14, 2016: Philadelphia’s City Council passed Philadelphia University’s Master Plan, and then Mayor Kenney signed & approved their institutional zoning (SPIN).

It’s a done deal, folks! Congratulations to PhillyU and to the overwhelming majority of neighbors who voted to support legislation that streamlines the process for campus growth & development. 

Jeff Cromarty (PhillyU’s chief operating officer), expressed delight while thanking the community, “We are grateful to East Falls Forward, the East Falls Community Council, and all the residents who contributed to this process. With this designation, we look forward to remaining a valuable East Falls asset for many more years.”

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Food for Thought

That time Dwight Evans took a Fallser to lunch:  the former PA State Rep is pretty much a shoo-in for US Congress, as Democratic candidate for our 2nd Congressional District. As a constituent, Karen Melton was delighted to win a contest for the chance to break bread & get to know him better. 


Karen Melton has lived in East Falls with her husband Jake since 1991 . She’s written for the Fallser and is a member of 350Philadelphia, a local group that fights for climate change solutions.

On a sunny day last month, she took advantage of a “huge opportunity” to speak with Dwight Evans, candidate for congress, at Trolley Car Cafe.  Melton, an activist and ardent follower of local politics, was thrilled to have won a Facebook contest for the lunch with Evans.

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Smaller Legislature, Better Results?

A part-time legislature could lead to more efficient government for our state.

A very important question is on the November 8 ballot – “Should the size of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives be reduced?” If approved, the proposed amendment to our state constitution will decrease the size of the PA House from 203 districts to 151 districts. The size of the PA Senate would remain at 50. I will let you surmise the politics that ensured that the size of the Senate would not change.

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Wheel Cool Future for the Falls

Driverless cars in East Falls? IQL resident (and Masters Candidate in city planning) Brian Donovan suggests new technology headed our way can shape a more lively, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. 

EastFallsLocal kit crop resize text Not Quite but still AWESOME

As the deep summer sets in, there comes a chance for us to break away from the issues of the moment.  To consider the longer range rather than the next item on the agenda.  We might ask ourselves what East Falls will be like 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years from now?

I’d like to talk today about something that I believe will have a profound impact on all cities and their neighborhoods: the development of driverless cars and, specifically, how this transportation revolution will drastically reduce the need for parking in urban areas.

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EFCC RECAP: New Candidates, Old Business, Suspicious Minds

Last EFCC recap before Summer break! A run-down of candidates for Falls’s election, and a copy of their “Memorandum” with PhillyU. PLUS — pointed questions and accusations about the Traffic Committee by an irate “Apalogean” (and kinda supported by our archives. D’oh!).

EastFallslocal meeting snapshot june 2016 Summer wrap up see you in sept Speedbumps what speedbumps

Wow June’s EFCC general meeting zipped by in record time, barely an hour! Everyone seemed ready to wrap till September — us included, to be honest. It’s been a lonnnnng ten months.

You may recall from last month that EFCC did not have a roster of candidates for their usual year-end election. So this meeting, they announced names for a Fall election. Council also handed out their four-page “Memorandum of Understanding” for PhillyU, and then some dude vigorously called out the Traffic Committee, and it seems he has a point. Shall we..?

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EFCC RECAP: Historic Election, Proposed Playground

For the first time ever, EFCC will postpone this year’s elections (they’re still working on a candidate slate). Plus: a playground proposal for McMichael park gains acceptance, and a smidgen of ire. 

EastFallsLocal collage txt something old something new

Ah, how things change. Last year, EFCC was the only voting body in East Falls but now this year, a new community’s been growing:  anchored by East Falls Forward, powered by new ideas. And also, let’s face it, “new blood.”

As overlapping interest groups often do, EFF seems to have siphoned off some gas from Community Council’s engine:  this year, no new candidates have stepped forward to fill vacating spots. And the Nominating Committee’s unfocused announcement at Monday’s meeting likely inspires little confidence (it does, however, provide cringe-worthy video).

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