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Fool Me Once

The Pizza Ninja proceeds cautiously with Franklin’s “bonus pizza.”

Hello once again loyal pizza fanatics. This month’s pizza adventure is Franklin’s Pub & Grill on Bowman street. Will the Ninja be April fooled? Keep reading to find out.

Franklin’s is a self-described gastropub that has casual American dining, poutine, 14 rotating beers on tap (10 of them are craft beers that constantly change), a specialty cocktail menu, and 16 HDTVs.

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Ninja vs Nonna?

The ninja’s a fierce pizza fan, but nobody beats your Nonna.

It’s that time again!  March Madness?  NO!!!  Pizza Madness!!  That’s right, the ninja is back with another pizza review for all of you fanatics.  Unlike everyone’s favorite basketball tournament that occurs once a year, pizza madness is a mental affliction that the ninja has to deal with on a day by day basis.

Lets get to the review!

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In Riva in the New Year!

Pizza Ninja goes down to the riverfront for a taste of In Riva, the Falls’ upscale pizza restaurant.

Welcome to the first East Falls pizza review of 2017 – In Riva, the riverfront pizza destination in the Falls. (They offer other Italian dishes too, but for the Ninja there is only one food that matters — pizza.)

As 2016 came to a close, so did the old format of the Pizza Ninja review. Quite simply, the Ninja had run out of pizza shops in East Falls that offer delivery. So what’s new for 2017?

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Pizza Is Always the Answer

In a post-election world, Pizza Ninja grapples with important questions in his review of the new pizza-slash-coffee spot where Chestnut Hill Coffee used to be. 


Welcome to the post-2016 Presidential Election edition of East Falls pizza reviews.

The great state of Pennsylvania received a lot of national coverage during this election season.  Is it a blue state?  Is it a red state?


The answer is neither, it’s a pizza state.

The Ninja submits the following piece of supporting evidence to you, my loyal pizza reader:

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Frank’s a Lot

The Pizza Ninja provides all the details you need to score an incredible deal on deliciousness at this beloved Falls institution. You’re welcome! 


In every neighborhood, there is THAT pizza shop.  You know the one – maybe it’s slightly hard to find, off the beaten path so to speak.  It’s been around forever.  It doesn’t have the fancy neon signs or upgraded store front of some of the other pizza newcomers.

But if you ask the neighbors, THAT shop gets the nod, time and time again.  This month, we review THAT shop.  Franks Pizza of 3600 Fisk Avenue. No pretension, just pizza.

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Continuing in his quest to document and assess East Falls’ current pizza scene, the Pizza Ninja challenges a Ridge Ave fixture. 


Hello, fellow Pizza fanatics.  We last left off with a review of Apollo Pizza.  This month, we order from a Ridge Avenue mainstay that has been a part of the East Falls community for over 12 years:

To recap my current rules for reviews, the shop:

Must be located in the 19129
Have delivery
Have cheese pizza.

I order the largest cheese pizza available, and provide my unbiased opinions for the benefit of pizza-loving Fallsers. OK, Slices, you’re up…

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Pizza Ninja: Again with Apollos

He’s baaaaaack… and hungry for more. Pizza Ninja sizes up the oldest pizza joint in town — with new payment options, yet. 

EastFallsLocal Appollos pizza ninja post

Hello Pizza Readers,

We last left off with a review of Golden Crust III.  This month, I decided to throw the remaining pizza shops in a hat and choose one at random.

Rule recap:

  • The shop must be located in the 19129,
  • Have delivery,
  • Have cheese pizza.

To my EXTREME PIZZA EXCITEMENT, the shop chosen this month was Apollo’s Pizza of 3542 Conrad St.

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Mystery Diner Attacks Local Pizza Scene

Who is the Pizza Ninja? He lives here, he loves pizza, and he eats it all the time. In a new monthly series, Pizza Ninja puts East Falls’ pizzerias to the test. This week, he breaks down Golden Crust III to his exacting standards.   

EastFallsLocal collage ninja pizza

Welcome to the inaugural East Falls Pizza Review by the Pizza Ninja!  These reviews will be done on a monthly basis, showcasing the local pizza options in the 19129.  The idea is simple – each month, a plain cheese pizza will be ordered for delivery and reviewed, so as to provide a level playing field that all shops can be compared against.

For this month, we focus on a mainstay located at the hub of East Falls at Ridge & Midvale Avenue corridor, Golden Crust Pizza III.  On to the review…

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