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And Baby Makes Five

His wife’s back in town. There’s a baby on the way. And two new artists at his shop. For Frequency Tattoo’s John Howie, life is expanding in all kinds of exciting directions.

Congratulations to Frequency Tattoo’s John Howie and his beautiful wife Dana Michael! Our favorite hipster couple announced what had already been whispered at their famous Labor Day bbq:

“So Dana and I are up to no good,” John posted to Facebook with a pic of them mugging and Dana with a big “BABY” across her belly. The new Howie is expected this April – until then, John’s doubling down on building his business with new talent and a great special this month: The Return of Flash Friday the 13th!

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Fall Fest Feasting

As Fallsers it’s only natural to want to connect with our German past this time of year when cool weather sparks cravings for richness: meats, cheeses, and breads. Here’s your excuse to indulge…

Philadelphia’ s German heritage goes way back to William Penn himself, who travelled extensively in Germany, openly soliciting settlers to his new colony. Between 1683 and 1783, more than 100,000 Germans immigrated here, many to a village of farmers, artisans, craftfolk, and religious pilgrims called Germantown, which at the time included our little hamlet The Falls of Schuylkill.

The Queen Lane reservoir used to be a German rifle club called “Schuetzen Park” that formed a hub for German men, women, and kids to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, socializing.

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Oh Deer

A new mural at the corner of Ridge & Calumet honors our neighborhood wildlife, with a nod to the home team.

You must’ve seen the new art overlooking our business corridor.  A deer and a fawn at the corner of Ridge and Calumet — and they’re apparently Phillies fans!

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Hold Your Beer

Feats of strength & great prizes from Victory Brewing at Castle Ringstetten. With Billy Murphy’s Beer Garden and the behemoth Tapasaurus!

Masskrugstemmen – or, beer stein holding – is a Bavarian competition that’s pretty self explanatory: you see who can hold their beer in one hand the longest. A full liter glass stein. Straight out in front of you. Parallel to the floor or you’re out.

How long do you think you could last?

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EFFF: East Falls’ Frank Furness

Come to the Castle for East Falls Oktoberfest! This historic boathouse is one of the few remaining buildings by Frank Furness, a gun-toting, spear-stabbing Civil War hero with a flair for mad design. 

You’ll see this September 30th — Frank Furness was one sassy architect!

When the rest of Philadelphia (and the US, really) was still copying Europe, he looked West to define a bold new style unlike anything seen before. He’s also the only famous architect ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Make Bank at the Boneyard

Say goodbye to summer clutter, and hello to cold cash for fall! Five money-making tips for flea market season, plus FREE vendor sign-ups for Laurel Hill cemetery this September. 

Fall in Philly was made for outdoor markets — great weather, and fun crowds now with everyone back from the shore & looking for stuff to do on weekends. Hello, customers!

Laurel Hill’s “Twice as Nice” flea market (Sept 16) is a fantastic way to clear out your house before the holidays and bump up your Christmas fund, to boot. These five quick tips will help even first timers profit like a professional.

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NewCourtland, Act 2 (Gesundheit!)

What’s happening with NewCourtland? We found out the latest at the August East Falls Forward meeting, when Max Kent and Bob Theil presented plans for phase 2 of the Henry Ave. project.

A few meeting highlights:

The Pavilion. NewCourtland has targeted the Pavilion, a one-story building that stands in front of the tower, as a commercial space for medical providers. There are two possible options for occupying this 8,000 square foot space – the first would be a “docs in a box” scenario, in which multiple medical providers would staff small satellite office spaces.

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Designing Woman

This is why we *can* have nice things! Thanks to one local artist’s mad InDesign skills, East Falls’ community paper shines. 

Until 8 months ago, East Falls Local’s monthly newspaper layout was an uneven, random affair. At different times, we’d employ a traditional format or magazine spreads and some editions kinda looked like comic books. Sometimes in the same issue.

“You were all over the place, “ Stephanie Ostrov reminded us when we sat down for a brunch interview on Murphy’s patio. “I could see what you were doing online, but in print you were still looking for your voice.”

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Total Eclipse of the Falls

Every now and then, we get a little bit excited about astronomy around here – particularly for a monumental event like Monday’s solar eclipse.

Although only partially visible in the Philadelphia area, the Library’s space-themed eclipse-viewing party was a full success!

A lively group of about 50 neighbors took time out of their Monday afternoon for live streaming coverage and a clever banquet of snacks: Milky Ways, Sun Chips, and Cosmic Brownies (that last one raised some eyebrows on Facebook, ha).

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MEET, SNACK, LEARN: 3rd Thursdays with EFF

As the summer winds down, reconnect with your neighbors and check in on local events & developments. East Falls Forward provides beer, popcorn, and news. You bring your comments & questions.

Change keeps coming, no need to be blindsided when East Falls Forward’s got all the scoop ahead of time. And every meeting starts with a free Happy Hour, and ends at the beer garden.

This Thursday’s agenda includes news regarding the site of East Falls’ future dog park.

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