Compiled by Karl Von Lichtenhollen. Missed connections are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to foster a belief in random meetings. Email us your Missed Connections or text 215-498-8874.



You made my holiday season. So glad we met. I’m just glad when you are present. Best gift ever.


* * * * * *

Greta – I’m a grieving man, I can’t believe the things I’ve done to you. Ok, ok, I am a guilty man. The time has come to undo the wrong I’ve done.

~Captain Bligh

* * * * * *

She wears a sun dress and army boots in winter. A faux fur coat in summer. Blue hair. Endearing scowl. What is your name? I see you all over town. When I approach you with a compliment, please don’t pepper spray me.

~Nervous Ned

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