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PennDOT Part Deux: Caught on Camera

Ummmm… Why are these people representing us, again?  (Videos have been subtitled for your convenience —  extra footage at links)

I think it’s important to give big thanks to the dozens of East Falls RESIDENTS who came out on a Thursday night to endure some public bullying for our safety. Without them, we could still be stuck in the same stalemate on Henry Avenue.

The kicker is, it’s our own local traffic committee members who were trying to block PennDOT’s plan for safety improvements on this busy roadway. Not all of them — just a minority, really. But a very vocal one with, apparently, all the time in the world to derail important projects around here.

Talk about uncompromising — committee members couldn’t even agree to take a proper vote when they met privately earlier in the week. Instead of a clear yes or no, chair John Gillespie could only offer the group’s “kind of informal group consensus (video)” on Option Five, which sounds kinda dysfunctional…

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PennDOT Part 1: Summary & Slideshow

Miss the big meeting about Henry Avenue last week? Here’s our run-thru with just the facts, kids. 

Wow you will not believe the video from this meeting! East Falls locals came out in full force to confront certain members of Community Council’s traffic committee, and push for an end to our 2-year stalemate for basic improvements on Henry Avenue. Really an amazing meeting…

Before clips and commentary, here’s a quick summary of PennDOT’s PowerPoint presentation. We wish we had a link for you, but we did our best to photograph all the key slides, and we also scanned the materials PennDOT provided at the meeting.

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Movers and Makers

City job openings & apprenticeships, functional art for Ridge Avenue, and PhillyU’s dreams for a safer Henry Avenue. 

February’s a short month but East Falls Forward’s agenda was jam-packed. For the social hour beforehand, Golden Crust & BuLogics provided quite a spread of chicken fingers, french fries, mozz sticks… all the good stuff.

Philadelphia University spokesperson Tom Becker (associate VP for operations) reviewed the same plans for Hayward Hall’s new Health & Sciences addition that he presented earlier this week for Community Council. He then took questions from the audience, most notably:

Q. Does PhillyU have plans to put a traffic circle at Schoolhouse & Henry?

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Oh Henry!

Big changes for both ends of a busy East Falls corridor.

This month’s Community Council meeting focused on two stretches of Henry Avenue neighbors should be very familiar with: PhillyU’s campus and Grace Kelly’s childhood home.

The University’s zoning is all set thanks to “SPIN” legislation that passed late last year, but Ellen Sheehan of EF’s Historical Society confirmed plans for the Kelly House (recently purchased by Prince Albert) that will likely require community support for variances.

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