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Memories Take Wing

Butterflies take flight at the Visiting Nurse Association to honor loved ones.

On Saturday, June 24th, the VNA’s Community Celebration of Life and Seventh Annual Butterfly Release took place.  The butterfly is a universal symbol of hope, and in many cultures it is a representation of the soul. Families of our hospice patients (and others) purchased butterflies in memory, or in honor of, their loved ones.  All proceeds were donated to our Hospice Programs.

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A Spring Break

A honeymoon and family reunion down in Dixie!

Mr. and Mrs. D got married this year after many years together. They both are on fixed incomes so they are mindful of spending money, but just like most other brides and grooms, their dream was to take a honeymoon. It’s been more than 15 year since Mr. D has seen his son and daughter who live in the South, so the destination was Dixie!  He has not seen his grandchildren since they were infants.

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Music As Therapy

Music’s healing powers help VNA hospice patients find peace.

In our Philadelphia Hospice program, we treat our patients and their families with more than just pain relief and comfort, but we treat all five of a person’s senses.

The sense of hearing is believed to be the last sense to leave a human being. Our Medical Director, Dr. Stanley Savinese said this when asked if this was indeed true. “Yes. I do believe that hearing is the last sense to go. Dying patients who are otherwise unresponsive will often show that they sense their loved ones voices.”

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Her Last Wish Had Paws

Shelter cats bring a smile to a lifelong animal lover.

Miss B had loved animals her whole life, especially cats, but when she moved into a nursing home, she had to give her cats away. It was one of the hardest choices she ever had to make and she often wished she could play with cats one more time.

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VNA Hits Home Run for Hospice Patient

The Visiting Nurse Association’s team of hospice professionals goes the extra mile to lift spirits and celebrate their patients’ passions. Maureen Murphy shares how a lifelong Phillies fan recently enjoyed a very special day at the ball park. 

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We love it when we can brighten a patient’s day or help them make a wish come true.

We recently got a great chance. One of our chaplains, the Rev. Laura Barry, visits Mr. Walter Stafford, a patient, and finds out he’s a Phillies fan.  Reverend Laura had an idea!

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