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Cold Hands Warm Thoughts

A sucker for a sweet smile and a bad attitude hopes this time it’ll be different in a short story about love in wintertime.

“I’m never doing this again.”

Paul rubbed his hands together to circulate the blood. He cursed once, twice, thrice, swearing unprintable words about the bitter Philadelphia winter.

“What’s the matter, huh? If you’re cold yur not workin’ hard enough,” Bob said, “Pick up the damn shovel and get back to it.”

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Christmas Bells

Charlie Brown rides the Polar Express? A mashup tale of two Christmas icons.

For all his life, Charlie Brown just wanted to kick a field goal. Other kids wanted to play quarterback or wide receiver, so that they could break records and score more and more points, but Charlie Brown had milder aspirations. He didn’t want to score the game-winning points or lead the team to victory. Charlie Brown just wanted to help when his team needed him so that he could focus on cheering on his teammates.

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