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Summer Beers Make Me Feel Fine!

Whether you’re lounging on a beach, summering in the city, or camping in the mountains, these fine beers will help you celebrate the start of summer.

Summer is here, and one of the most beautiful sections of the city during the warmer season is our beloved East Falls.  There’s a plethora of activity in our little neighborhood in the summer, despite the great flight of many to the Jersey shore.

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Don’t Worry, Beer Happy!

Spring is busting out all over in East Falls. Celebrate the season with these five top beer picks.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone!!!! Wow, East Falls is just bursting with beautiful budding trees and gorgeous foliage, and this may very be one of the most beautiful parts of Philadelphia this time of year.

However, dear readers if you are like me, even the return of our beloved Phillies cannot quell the onslaught of the seasonal allergies that accompany this beautiful season. So, short of buying stock in Allegra and consuming as much local honey as possible, what can a poor boy do????

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March Goodness!

Keep your March Madness drinking games and green beers to yourself – our beer expert and renowned foodie suggests sophisticated, artful beers for getting hammered in style.

March is here and that means organizing those brackets and asking those age-old questions, “What will NOVA do?” & “Will Temple get snubbed?”

It also means warmer temperatures, and of course a certain day in which imbibing alcoholic beverages whilst navigating demented leprechauns, kilt-wearers, ginger-inflicted persons, and large green-clad masses becomes a contact sport in small Irish watering holes — such as our own beloved Murphy’s Irish Saloonery! (If you have never experienced the craziness of St. Pat’s at Murph’s, it is something to behold!)

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Heart-On for Beer

Our beer guru reviews five sexy seasonal suds that even a saint couldn’t turn down.

Happy February, to you my neighbors and friends!!!  Here we all are with cooling temperatures, fiery debates, a local QB in the Super Bowl “SO CLOSE MATTY ICE!”, and of course the biggest Hallmark holiday of them of all, Valentine’s Day.

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Cool Beers for a New Year

Six favorites for 2017 from our resident beer expert.

Well, dear readers 2016 is fading in the rear view mirror, and I for one couldn’t be happier to say goodbye.  We are saying farewell to our first black president, and hello to our first orange one, we lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, John Glenn, and now beloved, cop-slapping Zsa Zsa Gabor!

So I say lets raise our glasses to celebrate this year’s passing!  This installment’s beer selections are all amazing, whether you want to forget the past year or are celebrating the bright future to come, these brews will help you get to where you want to be!

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Hail to the grief! November 9 can’t come fast enough. In the meantime, beer expert Jon Kennedy suggests a few brews to cure your election fatigue.


Ah November…turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, football, and — Oh, yeah that time of year where this year we elect a new leader of the free-world!

So East Falls, whether you’re with her, or you want to make America great again, I think we can all agree on one thing…. WE ALL need a drink! So in the spirit of election season here are some politically-inspired beers that should show up on your ballots.

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Behind the Tap: Fall’s to the Wall

Pow! We’re in the thick of pumpkin beer season! Let local brew guru Jon Kennedy help you navigate Autumn’s spiciest ales & lagers with grace and daring. 


Well it’s Fall again, you know that time where every BASIC person you know orders pumpkin spice everything! I know WINTER IS COMING, John. Snow….but until then let us bask in the Pumpkin-ocolypse and enjoy all the great things Fall has to offer.

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Behind the Tap


EastFallsLocal BillyMurphy Jon at Billy Murphys polaroid text

Looking for offbeat or unusual beers? Behind the Tap is  a regular column about beer tips, food pairings and bartenderly advice from Jonathan Kennedy, Murphy’s resident Hospitality Engineer and Craft Beer Enthusiast.

(Editor’s Note: As of October 2016, Jon has moved on to become the Beer and Wine Manager for Brown’s Superstores! It’s a whole new world of beer exploration and Jon’s gonna keep us up to date on the latest.)

Behind the Tap: Summer Beers for Early Fall

Cheers to the first installment of Behind the Tap — a regular column about beer tips, food pairings and bartenderly advice from Jonathan Kennedy, Murphy’s resident Hospitality Engineer and Craft Beer Enthusiast. This month: Summer beers for early fall.

EastFallsLocal JonKennedy.Speech Bubble


As a bartender, I’m constantly asked, “Hey, JK what are you drinking right now?” or “What do you like?

I usually reply, “Nothing right now, I’m working. What do think I am, some kind of degenerate boozehound?  Please don’t answer.” or “Well, judging by your cut-off shorts and Backstreet Boys tank top, we’re obviously into different things…..I’m more of an NSYNC fan, I mean just for JT’s vocals alone!

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