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Merry Crustmas!

Naughty or nice? The Pizza Ninja decides which list Larry’s Steaks is on.

Hello pizza fanatics and welcome to the Christmas edition of the pizza review, brought to you by the man who has a Santa-sized belly from all of his pizza eating.

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Mind-Blowing Mash-up

Candy. Turkey. Cookies. Pumpkin spice. When – not if — you reach Holiday Food Overload this season, Chef Jimmy’s Korean-Jamaican cuisine’ll take your taste buds to a whole new dimension. 

Ouch, that hurt! We literally ate too much the first time we tried The Spicy Belly. We couldn’t stop eating, it was all so deliciously interesting. I’ve never had anything like it and probably neither have you – it’s the first fusion of its kind, apparently. Foodie Alert: the Travel Channel & EaterLA have both done stories on this little family-run restaurant in nearby Wissahickon/Roxborough.

Stellar reviews keep piling up, and we can see why. We ordered, like, everything, and just kept eating… Trying to get our heads around the flavors, I guess, is my excuse for overeating but also the food here is just super yummy. And surprisingly homey, for such an exotic spin.

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Hello, Milo

New Italian café and urban market planned for early 2018.

So we’re having a little reshuffling of storefronts on East Falls’ 2nd business corridor. “Artist Haus” salon owner Mackenzie Day & her husband Tim purchased the Epicure Café building across the street when Tom & Arlene retired last summer. They hope to subdivide the floorplan, with the salon occupying about half the space towards Division Street. The other part with the sunny windows on Conrad? A French bistro has expressed interest, as well as a yoga studio.

Meanwhile, Tom & Arlene sold a lot of their restaurant equipment to chef Craig Wilson, of the popular Gigi’s (Italian) and Maya J (tapas) restaurants in Manayunk. Both spots recently closed – chef Craig admits it was time to move out of that area. When he saw Mackenzie’s space opening up, he grabbed it.

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Fall Fest Feasting

As Fallsers it’s only natural to want to connect with our German past this time of year when cool weather sparks cravings for richness: meats, cheeses, and breads. Here’s your excuse to indulge…

Philadelphia’ s German heritage goes way back to William Penn himself, who travelled extensively in Germany, openly soliciting settlers to his new colony. Between 1683 and 1783, more than 100,000 Germans immigrated here, many to a village of farmers, artisans, craftfolk, and religious pilgrims called Germantown, which at the time included our little hamlet The Falls of Schuylkill.

The Queen Lane reservoir used to be a German rifle club called “Schuetzen Park” that formed a hub for German men, women, and kids to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, socializing.

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Hold Your Beer

Feats of strength & great prizes from Victory Brewing at Castle Ringstetten. With Billy Murphy’s Beer Garden and the behemoth Tapasaurus!

Masskrugstemmen – or, beer stein holding – is a Bavarian competition that’s pretty self explanatory: you see who can hold their beer in one hand the longest. A full liter glass stein. Straight out in front of you. Parallel to the floor or you’re out.

How long do you think you could last?

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Covers at the Castle

You probably know these non-siblings from the best live music venues around town: The Grape Room, McGillicuddy’s, Bourbon Blue, Dawson Street Pub to name a few. Catch them playing all our rock/pop favorites at East Falls Oktoberfest

TRUE STORY: The Duke Brothers are not really brothers. They’ve really only known each other since 2011 — and within a year they were performing as a duo.

No relation, though. They took their name from the grumpy old villains in “Trading Places,” a 1983 Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackkroyd movie that both Joe Holz (vocalist) and Andrew Geigert (guitar) were big fans of — especially the Duke Brothers, who were so funny & so horrible simultaneously.  Plus, “It’s a Philly-based movie, and we’re a Philly band,” Andrew explained.

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EFFF: East Falls’ Frank Furness

Come to the Castle for East Falls Oktoberfest! This historic boathouse is one of the few remaining buildings by Frank Furness, a gun-toting, spear-stabbing Civil War hero with a flair for mad design. 

You’ll see this September 30th — Frank Furness was one sassy architect!

When the rest of Philadelphia (and the US, really) was still copying Europe, he looked West to define a bold new style unlike anything seen before. He’s also the only famous architect ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Hard Pressed to Drink Better

Last year we had a brewery open, this year it’s a cidery in nearby Germantown with cozy tasting room steeped in local history. BONUS: their fool-proof recipe you can try at home!  

Young American Cider is an emerging Germantown business producing distinctive hard ciders with crisp and complex profiles that we desperately want to tell you is available for purchase.

But no! They’re still jumping thru LCB hoops before they can sell their product – however they can provide it free at tastings.

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Dance On! Photo-Recap from the Falls Bridge

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to this year 2016’s Dance on the Falls Bridge, you already know what a fantastic time it was. If not, we hope these pics (and video!) help transport you to East Falls’ biggest bash. 2017 TIX ON SALE NOW!

Don’t miss out on the year’s hottest shindig over the Schuylkill. Purchase your tickets now for a great night of music & fun Saturday September 16th.

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Say It Isn’t So!

Neighborhood fixture Epicure Café closes up shop (sniff).

Every morning since I moved here in 2010, we started our day with a cup of java from Epicure Cafe. That tradition comes to a screeching halt this summer, when Tom and Arlene Leschak close their corner coffee shop on July 23rd, to retire from over 40 years in the restaurant biz. It all went down so suddenly…

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