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Raise a Glass, At Last!

Here’s to beer’s historic return to East Falls — may Wissahickon Brewing Company thrive and prosper at their spectacular location on School House. Pics & video from Opening Day, plus owner Tim Gill’s personal recap.

credit: WBC

After months of “open houses,” Wissahickon Brewing Company officially cut the ribbon (er, construction tape) on the first local brewery here since Hohenadel closed in the 50’s. And so kicked off a weekend-long celebration that filled the area with craft beer lovers, curious neighbors, kids, dogs…

“I don’t know, guys, I think East Falls might be getting some vibe,” said O Claire, neighbor & owner of Koco Nails on Ridge.  She and her dad, Myron, met us late Saturday night as the party was winding down, actually.

Earlier that day, WBC was almost too busy, with limited seating and long waits for beer — not that anyone seemed to care (us included, we had a blast!)

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Fool Me Once

The Pizza Ninja proceeds cautiously with Franklin’s “bonus pizza.”

Hello once again loyal pizza fanatics. This month’s pizza adventure is Franklin’s Pub & Grill on Bowman street. Will the Ninja be April fooled? Keep reading to find out.

Franklin’s is a self-described gastropub that has casual American dining, poutine, 14 rotating beers on tap (10 of them are craft beers that constantly change), a specialty cocktail menu, and 16 HDTVs.

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Closing Time

Last call for Murphy’s? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

Unbe-freakin-believable. If you’re like us, you were stunned when you heard the news: a famous East Falls bar will soon be history. Say it isn’t so, Murphy’s Irish Saloonery!

“It’s time,” Mike Murphy told us — not nearly as gently as he should have, by the way (a free beer would’ve lessened the blow, just sayin’).

But this place is an institution, and it’s busy every night. The best Irish bar in the state, yet. What gives?

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Le Bus Stops Here

Timber Lane resident reboots his legendary restaurant with a new spin for the Falls. 

If you haven’t seen the Philly.com article yet — heads up! Le Bus Bistro will be bringing homey American cuisine to the corner of Ridge and Midvale, in the space vacated when Johnny Manana’s closed last November.

What the piece doesn’t tell you, though, is that East Falls’ rumor mill was onto this scoop weeks ago. In fact, a neighbor on Nextdoor kinda goaded Le Bus owner (and Fallser) David Braverman into confirming his intentions and coughing up some details. Which we shall blab here…

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Big Splash with Neighbors

International artist and educator Meishan Pan Hutchison whips up creative magic in the Mills.

There’s a canvas-papered room in Splash Lab Arts where they’ll smock you up and let you go to town with brushes and a rainbow of food-safe paint:  splash splat swish sploosh!

Kids of all ages flip for this, obviously, but grown-ups too have been re-discovering how much fun it is to play with art supplies! Especially when you BYOB with a roomful of friends…

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Green Acres in East Falls

UPDATE FEB 2017:  A new group is forming to take East Falls’ farmer’s market to the next level in 2017.

More vendors, more variety, plus events! Kids, dogs, bikes, pop-ups — whatever it takes to create “a real destination.” Opening day is June 3rd, the same day as Falls Flea, so brain-storming is underway for a fantastic day of shopping that’ll hopefully create buzz to last throughout the season.

TAKE THE SURVEY! Interested Farmer’s Market planners and vendors — provide your contact info at the end of the survey, or email us and we’ll get you in the loop. 

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East Falls, Into the StratISphere

East Falls shines as a technology hub thanks to our resident industry trailblazer. We catch up with Felicite Moorman for some insights into tech, East Falls, and what’s next for that Little Red Cafe on Midvale.

We’ve been gunning for Felicite since we invited ourselves to write a blog about her family while they settled into the area & embarked on a spectacularly ambitious home restoration. While Hohenadel House’s history and architecture were amazing, Felicite herself turned out to be a far more compelling a subject.

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Pizza Is Always the Answer

In a post-election world, Pizza Ninja grapples with important questions in his review of the new pizza-slash-coffee spot where Chestnut Hill Coffee used to be. 


Welcome to the post-2016 Presidential Election edition of East Falls pizza reviews.

The great state of Pennsylvania received a lot of national coverage during this election season.  Is it a blue state?  Is it a red state?


The answer is neither, it’s a pizza state.

The Ninja submits the following piece of supporting evidence to you, my loyal pizza reader:

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Sweet Spot in Town

COOKIES! COOKIES! COOKIES! Right now. On Ridge. We popped by Famous 4th to chat with an owner about plans for their new bakery in the old liquor store. 


Let’s get this right out: we are all within walking distance to the most delicious cookies, baked from old family recipes unchanged for generations. Famous 4th isn’t open for retail yet but pick-up, people! Order online or by phone (215-625-9870) and they’ll tell you when you can swing by for your own little box of heaven (Monday thru Friday, 7am – 3pm).

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Hasta La Vista, Manana’s

Ridge and Midvale won’t be the same again: after 15 years, Johnny Mananas has shuttered for good. Neighbors chime in with comments & memories of this popular Mexican restaurant with the giant chili on top. 


No more Manana’s? Hard to imagine the busiest corner of East Falls without our giant red chili pepper punctuating the streetscape. When I first moved here 4+ years ago, Johnny Manana‘s chili pepper was one of my first landmarks for home — even *I* couldn’t miss it.

I’m kinda hoping whoever signs a new lease here will either keep the chili or replace it with an equally distinctive emblem. No business has been lined up yet, although EFDC’s Gina Snyder hinted on Facebook that several other food/restaurant-type businesses have expressed interest in the location.

Meanwhile, Fallsers react to losing this familiar local establishment that’s anchored this corner for 15 years.

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