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Introducing: Praiseworthy Pets

A trainer who does all the work for you? We’re intrigued… And putting our own dog to the test!

If you’re busy with a challenging dog, Naomi Rotenberg is like a dream come true: she’ll teach your pet everything he needs to know, and then show you how to handle him from here on out. No classes, no hassles. Naomi trains your pooch right at home and in your neighborhood while you’re away at work or otherwise occupied.

How does this even work? Our reactive rescue Ducky makes an excellent guinea pig for Praiseworthy Pets, a new training option for East Falls and nearby neighborhoods.

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First Time’s the Charm for Local Soccer Champs

East Falls, we have a winner!

Courtesy Meghan Smyth

In only its first year of existence, the East Falls traveling soccer team stormed through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation League last year like Maradona through a B team defense (sorry, I imagine the kids these days prefer Ronaldo or Messi) and pulled off an upset win to take home the title for the 10 and under division in December.

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DIY Art Corner: Sock Snowmen!

Stuck inside? Here’s the perfect family art project for riding out the arctic weather.

I think we can all agree that snowmen made out of socks are rather adorable!  The best part is, you can make them with just few household items, so it is also a good reuse/recycling as well as a 3D art lesson!

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Karma Points for the New Year

Start 2018 off with a good deed for our neighborhood’s public school. Your generosity makes a huge impact locally. 

Thomas Mifflin School is bursting with innovative faculty and staff. Take a look at some of these exciting campaigns and projects. Whether you’re a techy, an outdoor enthusiast, or a theater buff — there’s a campaign to interest you!

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5 Reasons We Chose Mifflin

In a neighborhood where over 90% of parents send their kids to private/charter schools, Lynsey and her husband Dan Larson are thrilled to recommend Mifflin. 

We recently left behind two sets of grandparents and a bursting babysitter Rolodex in our home state of Delaware, and relocated to East Falls. In the past 5 months, this neighborhood has validated for us that home is where you hang your hat…and walk in the park, ride bikes with the neighbors, drink a tremendous amount of coffee, and enjoy a pretty sweet little life.

Just when we thought our parenting record couldn’t look any better, we struck gold. This is the story of why we chose to send our kids to East Fall’s neighborhood public school, Thomas Mifflin, and why we’d do it all over again.

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DIY Art Corner: Rainbows for Fall

Who says fall has to be orange and black? This kids’ art project brings together a rainbow of colors to enliven your home thru the season.

I love bright and colorful. There is something that is so happy about being reminded of rainbows. Maybe it’s the inner child wanting to find that pot of gold at the end or maybe it’s just that I dig colors.

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Deja Vu: 2nd New Charter School Proposed

Our unique demographic has attracted a charter school promoting rigorous language study and global citizenship.

Looks like we’ve got another charter school angling for the neighborhood – specifically, in Falls Center, in the space where Agora Cyber Charter was before they moved to King of Prussia.

Philadelphia Hebrew Public is a new Philadelphia organization that’s applying to open a K-8 school in the fall of 2019. They’re part of a network of schools including Brooklyn, Harlem, New Jersey, DC, San Diego, LA, and Minneapolis… This network was awarded a $5 million federal grant from the Department of Education to open new schools, which brings them to Philly.

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Chartering a New School for the Falls

Is East Falls ready for a charter elementary school? The founders of Design Lab High School see a need and offer a solution.

East Falls has a school problem — something like 90% of the families here send their kids to private school. Otherwise, they leave for the burbs before kindergarten. Our neighborhood public school, for whatever reason(s), is simply not a viable option for most parents.

Cristina Alvarez faced these issues in the 80/90’s when she & her husband raised their three kids here (they lived in the Hohenadel mansion!). As chief executive officer of Design Lab High School in Delaware, she’s now hoping to bring a high-quality, tuition-free charter elementary school here to teach innovative thinking & problem-solving to grades k thru 8.

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Run for the Dead

It’s a race, it’s a party, it’s a costume contest – it’s a DOG costume contest – and it all benefits our spooktacular cemetery next door. **$5 donation = FREE BEER FOR SPECTATORS!**

Laurel Hill’s Rest in Peace Run isn’t your average 5k. For starters, the hilly course zig-zags among jumbles of old gravestones, mausoleums, and memorials.

The Victorian sculpture here is ornate and more than a little creepy: angels with hands lopped off, for instance, symbolizing a life cut short. Skulls to remind us of our mortality. Statues of men, women, children with their faces melted off from decades of acid rain.

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Wee Made It!

Finally! After four years of litigation, the kids of Wee Care Daycare can play outside again.

Hard to believe the “hostage situation” on Midvale Avenue is over at last!

The school’s children had been banned from their own play yard as lawyers wrestled over Wee Care’s right to land they legally purchased and then almost lost when the seller reneged on the contract. While the grownups duked it out in court, the kids were stuck inside all day, every day.

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