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Brews Under the Bridges

Beer, food, music, and vendors under the Twin Bridges every third Thursday from now thru September. 

Successful launch of East Falls’ new beer garden by the river. Thanks everyone for coming out for music, tacos, local vendors and beer of course.

We’ve got lots of pics plus great quotes from neighbors, businesses, and community leaders for our recap (on the way) — meanwhile, more video clips from the first spin of this monthly event.

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Mo’ Mustache, Mo’ Money

This Fallser’s getting furrier for the month of “Movember,” raising funds and awareness for Men’s Health Issues.  Let’s get him to his goal! 


In his training as a volunteer firefighter in Colorado, John Cardenas was taught to rise to his best when people are having perhaps their worst day ever. But who saves the rescuers? “Our training does not prepare us to cope with the emotions after the fact,” he told us. So he’s growing a mustache this month for suicide prevention and mental health.

Cause it’s “Movember,” baby!

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Run For Their Lives

Blood cancer affects thousands of Philadelphians a year — including a Murphy’s regular now facing his second battle. This year’s Murphy Mile raised $1800 for patient support & awareness with a guerrilla-style sprint thru the neighborhood. 


In a blink, it was over. A one-mile run through East Falls, set for 11 AM last Sunday.

Steve and I scrambled right over after the Pack Walk, only to find Mike Murphy outside, pulling down the tent. “You just missed it, everyone’s inside eating now.”

Wait, what? “Yep, great turnout,” he told us, “We had 30 – 40 people, I’m hoping we raised $1500 for Carve 4 Cancer.” Talk about an efficient fundraiser. And what a blast too!

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Fantastic Fun at Fall Fest

What happens when you close Kelly Drive, and invite a couple hundred of your favorite neighbors to a party by the river? East Falls celebrates Autumn with beer, food trucks, dogs in costume, and more family-friendly activities than you can shake a pumpkin at. 


This time each year, East Falls’ Fire Department shuts down Kelly Drive here as part of community outreach: they offer games, snacks, and activities to promote fire prevention awareness. Kids love exploring firetrucks, trying on equipment, sliding down big inflatable slides, etc. For one day, East Falls gets a really cool riverside playground.

Even more — we all get a whole park! With awesome views of our bridges, plus the steeples of St. Bridget’s and the historic rowhomes up Indian Queen Lane. For the last few years, Community Council has been adding booths, vendors, music, and more to create an exceptionally vibrant, well-rounded festival with something for everyone.

Thanks to Roxanne Gioia for sharing her terrific pictures, which we’ve added to our own in this photo-recap…

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Ringstetten: The Recap

If you missed out on East Falls’ Oktoberfest, no worries — Caity MacLeod’s candid, personal pics bring this party to life! The first Castle on Tap slid us back in time, showcased a future brewery, & brought us a big step closer public river access in East Falls.


Congratulations, East Falls! Castle on Tap far exceeded EFDC’s fundraising projections, pulling in $3,000 towards a boat launch. “That’ll pay for engineer studies needed for the next stage of the design,” Gina Snyder explained, and help keep the ball moving on this project.

Financially, Castle on Tap was a huge success. As a party — we had a blast but can’t wait to tweak the plan for next year!

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Ringstetten is Ready for the Wurst

NEVER FEAR! Oktoberfest is a blast even if the weather fails to cooperate. Castle on Tap is prepared with tents, dj, and Ringstetten’s cozy bar, lodge, and porch. Did someone say fire? 


If you’ve been following the forecast this week, you’ve been watching the storms roll in and perhaps wondering what’ll happen with Castle on Tap this Saturday. With only scattered showers expected tomorrow, EFDC and Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon have decided to go ahead with the event, woot!

Of course, if we get a lot of rain that’ll put a (ahem) damper on lawn games and spreading out on blankets. But on the plus side: Castle Ringstetten was designed to entertain guests, it’s essentially just a big lodge with an amazing Victorian bar and sweeping riverside porch. We can light their massive fireplace! There’s not really a down side to taking the party indoors.

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Appetite for the Arts in East Falls

Who knew we were so hungry for dinner theatre here? Full house both nights at Trolley Car Cafe for “TURNPIKE,” an original play by Fallser Kathy Anderson and the Philadelphia Theatre Workshop. 


When it comes to supporting local theatre, East Falls commits to the part: we show up in droves, we present full attention, we clap out culture-loving hearts out.

“We had an amazing time presenting our new play, TURNPIKE, at Trolley Car Cafe,” said Kathy Anderson, co-writer of the play with Bill Felty, who also directed the play. “The audiences were so wonderful, the best you could ever hope for.”

It was a first for both Philadelphia Theatre Workshop and Trolley Car Café – dinner and live theatre on the restaurant’s outside patio on August 21 & 22.

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Hark! Who Drinks There?

Parks, schmarks — in East Falls, we take over CASTLES! Join your neighbors Saturday October 1st for a pop-up beer garden at Undine Barge Club’s historic boathouse aka Castle Ringstetten. Plus: local artifacts to browse and buy. 

EastFallsLocal castle on tap mug sausage white fade murphy 2 to 7 pm A

When we first encountered Parks on Tap in July, the first question on our minds after “Is this Adirondack taken?” was “How can we do this in East Falls?” 

The answer, when we asked local saloon tycoon Mike Murphy, truly surprised us:  “If you’ve got a venue, I can make this happen.”

Helloooo, Castle Ringstetten! And the most generous and community-minded caretakers in the world, Paul and Joey. Thanks to them & Undine Barge Club members, East Falls’ll have Philly’s coolest pop-up tavern-on-the-river.

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Setting the Table for Murder

Live theater at Trolley Car Cafe this August 21 & 22nd: Local author (along with Philadelphia Theatre Company) presents a modern murder mystery set in a diner in the 1970’s. BYOB, with 3-course buffet featuring favorites from Trolley Car’s new dinner menu. 

EastFallsLocal trolley car cafe dinner theatre turnpike july 2016 resize 2

East Falls resident Kathy Anderson was having brunch at Trolley Car Café when she had an idea. She was writing a new murder mystery play, set in a diner in 1972, with co-writer and director Bill Felty, of Philadelphia Theatre Workshop. Why not propose performing the play as pop-up live theatre right here on the Trolley Car Café outside patio?

The timing was great, because the restaurant, famed for its wonderful breakfast and lunches, was launching a new dinner service.

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Fly, Fallsers, Fly!

Whether you’re training for a race or just jogging for funzies, East Falls Flyers welcomes “hashers” of all paces for a new social running group coming together this Summer. 

EastFallsLocal First runner picture 7 11 16 RESIZE

For awhile now, the runners we knew would often lament the lack of a local running club. With all these trails, and all these young (and young at heart) people, yet.

Of course, we have a local *walking* group — but nothing for folks here who enjoy keeping an invigorated pace together.

Until now…

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