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Look, Ma — Non Profit!

In this month of thankfulness, we feel extra grateful for an exciting new partnership taking our neighborhood newspaper to the next level. 

East Falls Local has always felt more like a community resource than a business – and now it’s official. Last month after a selection process that involved abundant paperwork and a personal interview, East Falls Local was accepted into CultureTrust as a project under CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia’s “humanities” branch.

Which is to say that a non-profit Center City organization was like, “Hey, these cats jibe with our mission to promote arts, heritage, and creative communities – let’s hook them up with grants and help them get their crap together!”

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: a bold, juicy EFL featuring L-O-V-E — and redesigned with TLC by new Art Director, Stephanie Cole. 

Admit it, these last two weeks have seemed weird. We’ll take blame for a little bit of that — this month’s printed edition was not available on the first as usual. Or the second. Or the third…

We don’t push back our deadlines lightly, but when an amazing local artist we’ve been following for 2 years agrees to join our team, well. Duh. Of course the result’s worth the wait.

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Newspaper. GOOOOOOOD.

East Falls Local turns one year old this month! We’ve scrapped our website for a whole new look to go with our new monthly publication starting this November, with more voices & special offers just for Local business.

EastFallsLocal resurrected gene wilder crop bigger gene

Keep your (evil) eyes peeled for our special HALLOWEEN EDITION now printing with spooky stories, photos and more. Mwaahaaahaaa… 

Meanwhile, we hope you like the new site — with more text on the home page, it’s frighteningly easier to scroll thru stories on your phone. 

We’ve also added a search button (top right) to hopefully make it easier to move around, and resurrect older articles. Below that, Facebook & Twitter feeds add real-time pics, comments, and info. Still no ads or popups. 

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EastFallsLocal.com NOW in Glorious Paper Format!

East Falls Local 1-15 get your journal crop text

Printing an online blog isn’t as counter-intuitive as it seems…

EastFallsLocal.com’s new “Journal” reaches out to neighbors who prefer a more traditional format, by featuring our most popular recent posts & photos from your likes, comments & shares. We aim to portray an active, engaging online community worth investigating and participating in.

We’re also excited to promote positive community efforts like Mifflin’s Wish List, St. Bridget’s sandwich makers, and neighborhood dog walks. New business profiles and reviews. Interesting stories and characters from right in our own backyard.

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Holiday Scrapbook 2014

EastFallsLocal 12-24 ravenhill back lamp post chill text

Merry Christmas 2014!

While there’s been no Winter wonderland (image editing aside), East Falls during the holidays provides seasonal scenes at every corner.

Here are December’s most popular Facebook photo posts, all conveniently in one place (but inconveniently sloppy with the place names, sorry — we’ll add more info as we identify what’s what).

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