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New Exec at EFDC

The East Falls Development Corp.’s new Director hits the ground running.

So who’s the new face of the East Falls business district? We hear that question all the time about the new Executive Director of the EFDC, Kathleen Hogan. Depending on who’s asking the question, it can be a compliment or a curse. Funny thing, people get kinda passionate about development around here.

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Real Estate Blotter

Summer may be ending but our local real estate market is heating up. Listings in East Falls & environs are selling high and fast. 

Head for the border of East Falls & Allegheny West for a massive undertaking of new residential development. Rose Cooper (president, Ridge/Allegheny/Hunting Park Neighbors Association) confirmed that Phase 1 of the project – rental duplexes – is almost complete.

“People have already started moving in,” Rose told us, even though the last unit is still under construction at Commissioners & Shedwick Streets.

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MEET, SNACK, LEARN: 3rd Thursdays with EFF

As the summer winds down, reconnect with your neighbors and check in on local events & developments. East Falls Forward provides beer, popcorn, and news. You bring your comments & questions.

Change keeps coming, no need to be blindsided when East Falls Forward’s got all the scoop ahead of time. And every meeting starts with a free Happy Hour, and ends at the beer garden.

This Thursday’s agenda includes news regarding the site of East Falls’ future dog park.

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Let’s Hear It for the Falls

With Gina Snyder’s resignation, her position as East Falls Development Corporation’s executive director is up for grabs. Our own Jon Kennedy throws his hat in the ring — and shares a love letter to the neighborhood he’s hoping to serve. 

If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you know Jon Kennedy — he’s one of the friendliest faces around East Falls. We first met him pulling drafts at Murphy’s (of course we did) but he lives here and hangs here and is a great guy to know in so many ways

His beer column’s a reader favorite, and we don’t know anyone who cares more about these 1.5 square miles we call home. When Jon showed us his application materials for the EFDC gig, we liked his essay so much we’re sharing it here with some of our favorite pics from 2017 so far. (Thanks, Jon!)

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Perspectives on Penn Street

How does modern construction mesh with local historic architecture? One corner of East Falls is finding out now… 

UPDATE 3-15-17: So far, most commenters on our Facebook page and the EFL site are none too happy. There’s even been some jabs from commenters on Philly websites, like Naked Philly.

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What Goes Up, What Comes Down

As East Falls loses the abandoned Japanese Restaurant building on Kelly Drive, nearby RAH watches luxury condos go up by Laurel Hill. 

Two big projects underway add to the hundreds of new luxury units coming to our area thanks to a recent surge in investors and interest. Missed the details? No worries, we’ll recap here with links to further reading.

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East Falls, Into the StratISphere

East Falls shines as a technology hub thanks to our resident industry trailblazer. We catch up with Felicite Moorman for some insights into tech, East Falls, and what’s next for that Little Red Cafe on Midvale.

We’ve been gunning for Felicite since we invited ourselves to write a blog about her family while they settled into the area & embarked on a spectacularly ambitious home restoration. While Hohenadel House’s history and architecture were amazing, Felicite herself turned out to be a far more compelling a subject.

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Dog Park’s a “Done Deal” at NewCourtland

The new owners of the old “EPPI” property aims to include off-leash play space in upcoming renovations. (A community garden, too!)


East Falls Community Council president Bill Epstein was bursting with “exciting news” Monday night — that a dog park and community garden were “a done deal” with NewCourtland, owners of the old “EPPI” property at Scott’s Lane and the railroad crossing.

Further, Council’s submitted sketch plans from the last time a dog park was considered for East Falls.

Community Council hasn’t held a public dog park meeting since February 2015. Behind the scenes, though, they’ve pulled some strings for us all. GOOD JOB, GUYS! East Falls has been clamoring for a dog park for years, thank you for listening.

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Street Smarts

Our business corridor’s sharper these days, thanks to a tireless band of process wonks & local leaders who refused to give up on safety fixes & more curb parking at a busy stretch of Ridge. 


What a gorgeous day for a ribbon cutting! We made time to meet up with Sharon Jaffe, chair of the board of EFDC and quite a Who’s Who of East Falls’ business and leadership. Maybe it was the weather, but this gathering seemed remarkably joyful for a civic formality.

Inn Yard Park was ablaze with Fall color so we took a bunch of pictures and even attempted an “Abbey Road” photo shoot on Ridge Avenue in rush hour. I guess folks get a little cocky when they feel they’ve achieved the impossible.

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Turning Japanese on Kelly Drive

After a setback at Civic Design Review last Wednesday, what’s next for the development of the old Japanese banquet hall site on Kelly Drive?


UPDATE: PlanPhilly’s recap of Nov 30th’s Civic Design Review.

The next step in the development of the vacant Japanese banquet hall will have to wait a little longer as the Civic Design Review (CDR) board voted last Wednesday to bring back Gary Jonas and his HOW Properties team for another review of their plan.

The CDR cited missed opportunities and lack of connection to the river as disappointments in the design renderings and suggested several improvements they hoped would be incorporated in the next round of renderings.

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