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Monumental Makeover

Our Revolutionary War memorial gets a makeover.

Today I saw some men digging out a large stone memorial having to do with George Washington in front of the water facility on Queen Lane. Does this have something to do with the country’s current race issues?

Oh no, Trump was right – you tear down one Confederate statue and where does it end? Apparently one reader thought the Revolutionary War Memorial at the Queen Lane Reservoir was next.

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Big F for A-Plus

Neighbors demand answers about aggressive panhandlers at this local gas station/mini market. 

Have you seen the kids hanging out at the Sunoco/A-Plus mini mart on Ridge? We don’t usually get our gas there, but on a few Ben & Jerry’s runs this summer we encountered some teenagers with their hands out for spare change. “Nope,” we said, and they told us to have a nice day. Shrug.

Then Nextdoor started buzzing with comments from neighbors who’d been pressured by these kids to let them pump gas, hang up the pumps, buy them something in the store… There were reports of them stealing items from cars and even throwing things at customers. “The kid literally took the pump out of my hands and I had to ask him quite a few times to leave,” a woman wrote. Yikes.

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Fresh Start at Fresh Cuts

Fresh Cuts’ Joseph Davis, and a crew of Philly barber pros, help local kids start the school year right.

The way Joe Davis sees it, a fresh start for kids going back to school requires a fresh look. “It gives the kids a boost to get their hair cut and look their best. It’s a confidence builder,” said Davis, owner of Fresh Cuts on Midvale.

For 34 lucky local kids, they got their boost free of charge (and school supplies to boot) on September 2nd during Fresh Cuts’ 5th annual Community Giveback.

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NewCourtland, Act 2 (Gesundheit!)

What’s happening with NewCourtland? We found out the latest at the August East Falls Forward meeting, when Max Kent and Bob Theil presented plans for phase 2 of the Henry Ave. project.

A few meeting highlights:

The Pavilion. NewCourtland has targeted the Pavilion, a one-story building that stands in front of the tower, as a commercial space for medical providers. There are two possible options for occupying this 8,000 square foot space – the first would be a “docs in a box” scenario, in which multiple medical providers would staff small satellite office spaces.

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Business Time

A hyper-local look at the coolest small businesses we met while planning a neighborhood bash for 2,000 people.

Last July, Alden Park welcomed East Falls and surrounding communities to explore its historical charms and 21st century luxuries. EFL helped spread the word and make it a full day and night by the pools under stunning architecture, with all the local attractions we could pull together.

Huge thanks to all the amazing vendors and talents who came out to make Miami Days so special for neighbors and residents alike.

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Castle on Tap is Back

Parks, schmarks — in East Falls, we take over CASTLES! Join guests and neighbors for a pop-up beer garden at Undine Barge Club’s historic boathouse aka Castle Ringstetten.

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Total Eclipse of the Falls

Every now and then, we get a little bit excited about astronomy around here – particularly for a monumental event like Monday’s solar eclipse.

Although only partially visible in the Philadelphia area, the Library’s space-themed eclipse-viewing party was a full success!

A lively group of about 50 neighbors took time out of their Monday afternoon for live streaming coverage and a clever banquet of snacks: Milky Ways, Sun Chips, and Cosmic Brownies (that last one raised some eyebrows on Facebook, ha).

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MEET, SNACK, LEARN: 3rd Thursdays with EFF

As the summer winds down, reconnect with your neighbors and check in on local events & developments. East Falls Forward provides beer, popcorn, and news. You bring your comments & questions.

Change keeps coming, no need to be blindsided when East Falls Forward’s got all the scoop ahead of time. And every meeting starts with a free Happy Hour, and ends at the beer garden.

This Thursday’s agenda includes news regarding the site of East Falls’ future dog park.

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Dance On! Photo-Recap from the Falls Bridge

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to this year 2016’s Dance on the Falls Bridge, you already know what a fantastic time it was. If not, we hope these pics (and video!) help transport you to East Falls’ biggest bash. 2017 TIX ON SALE NOW!

Don’t miss out on the year’s hottest shindig over the Schuylkill. Purchase your tickets now for a great night of music & fun Saturday September 16th.

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Just Push Play

UPDATE 7-14-17  “Friends” strike back against playground advocates with two supremely bitchy editorials in the Philadelphia Inquirer (ooh, someone’s got friends in high places!).

Scott Cameron again, yet! We tangled with him last year, and now he’s back with more of the same entitled rhetoric that seeks to disregard popular opinion here, and divide the community rather than compromise even a tiny bit for the common good.

Rumors fly on Facebook’s “Fallsers for McMichael Playground” group. One parent reported that a woman was spotted outside Cranky Joe’s, pulling off flyers for the meeting. Another source reported that a “Friend” (or sympathizer) has been working connections at Abbotsford Homes, trying to drum up a protest movement on the grounds that funds should be spent there instead.

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