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Big Splash with Neighbors

International artist and educator Meishan Pan Hutchison whips up creative magic in the Mills.

There’s a canvas-papered room in Splash Lab Arts where they’ll smock you up and let you go to town with brushes and a rainbow of food-safe paint:  splash splat swish sploosh!

Kids of all ages flip for this, obviously, but grown-ups too have been re-discovering how much fun it is to play with art supplies! Especially when you BYOB with a roomful of friends…

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Fitness By Leaps & Bounds

Obstacles? Ha! For students at Pinnacle Parkour, every impediment is an opportunity to grow stronger, swifter, smarter.  (As featured on Fox29) 


Before we checked in with the Pinnacle folks, I had a limited knowledge of parkour: mostly just ill-fated Youtube clips, and that scene in The Office. Now, we’ve got a whole gym for this sport in East Falls somehow? Real people are doing this?

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Learning Curves at PC’s Winter Baseball Clinic

Penn Charter’s Winter Baseball Clinic keeps the game simple.

Eastfallslocal.equipment bag macro

Want your child to learn to hit like a pro? They’ve already got some of the basic concepts down, according to David Miller, head of Penn Charter’s Winter Baseball Clinic and former first-round draft choice of the Cleveland Indians.

“When you ask a kid how they get higher on a swingset, every one of them knows the answer — it’s swinging back farther. A baseball swing is like that too. The farther back you go, the more power you generate when you swing through. Every kid knows that, but it’s the picture that makes it real for them.”

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