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Ready for Commerce on Conrad

Space available in the former Hohenadel office building — including a turn-key deli/market with many possibilities for success in our growing neighborhood. 

East Falls’ secondary business corridor‘s been experiencing some growing pains recently. Neighbors are grappling to appreciate five modern townhomes at the corner of Conrad and Penn, while up the street at Sunnyside, once-promising businesses vacate — including the abrupt closing of a local favorite, Conrad Market.

What happened? And what could do better here, instead?

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Le Bus Stops Here

Timber Lane resident reboots his legendary restaurant with a new spin for the Falls. 

If you haven’t seen the Philly.com article yet — heads up! Le Bus Bistro will be bringing homey American cuisine to the corner of Ridge and Midvale, in the space vacated when Johnny Manana’s closed last November.

What the piece doesn’t tell you, though, is that East Falls’ rumor mill was onto this scoop weeks ago. In fact, a neighbor on Nextdoor kinda goaded Le Bus owner (and Fallser) David Braverman into confirming his intentions and coughing up some details. Which we shall blab here…

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Hopped Up for Historic Return

Philadelphia Business Journal’s as excited as we are about WBC’s grand opening April 1st. 

This is not a drill: Wissahickon Brewing Company is opening on Schoolhouse Lane on Saturday April 1st (2pm – 10pm). To Philadelphia Business Journal, we’re making history.

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Big Splash with Neighbors

International artist and educator Meishan Pan Hutchison whips up creative magic in the Mills.

There’s a canvas-papered room in Splash Lab Arts where they’ll smock you up and let you go to town with brushes and a rainbow of food-safe paint:  splash splat swish sploosh!

Kids of all ages flip for this, obviously, but grown-ups too have been re-discovering how much fun it is to play with art supplies! Especially when you BYOB with a roomful of friends…

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Kids, Today

Chestnut Hill jewelry shop owner looks back fondly on her days sharing a Bowman St. rowhome with college friends in the 90’s.


Ugh, college kids — AMIRIGHT?!

A pack of 20-somethings renting the house attached to yours is practically every East Falls homeowner’s worst nightmare, if you believe the hype at Community Council meetings.

Between Drexel Medicine, PhillyU, and PCOM we are a prime location for students passing through — with no supervision, no accountability. Constantly drunk. Attacking planters, pitching woo on porches, hogging up all the parking.

What becomes of these hooligans?! We recently tracked one down in Chestnut Hill… 

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“The Shot” Celebrates Epic Finish

Bowman Street artist captures Villanova basketball’s championship moment and helps fund a great cause.

Any Philly sports fan worth their salt has seen “The Shot” repeatedly – Villanova’s Kris Jenkins rising up to nail a buzzer-beating shot to win the 2016 NCAA basketball championship. It’s an epic moment and, in a region that doesn’t see too many championships, it’s only right that local artists have worked to memorialize it.

The Falls is doing its part with “The Shot,” a dense, colorful work of art by Bowman Street’s Drew Montemayor.

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Just a Taste

Wissahickon Brewing Company’s Tasting room on Schoolhouse lane’s not officially open yet, but you can wet your whistle here with a peek at some recent Open Houses. 

OMG, guys! We have beer here! Really really good beer, too. In a warm, cozy location you will love!

Recently, Wissahickon Brewing Company‘s been opening up to the public for a few hours here & there (they announce times last-minute on social media). We’ve been lucky to hit a few of these Open Houses, and now that we’ve had a sample, we’re thoroughly psyched about their new tasting room OPENING SOON (!!).

If you haven’t been yet, these photos will give you a sense of what you’re missing — and what’ll soon be luring crowds of Hipsters/Gen-Xers to this once-forgotten stretch of Schoolhouse, no doubt.

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East Falls, Into the StratISphere

East Falls shines as a technology hub thanks to our resident industry trailblazer. We catch up with Felicite Moorman for some insights into tech, East Falls, and what’s next for that Little Red Cafe on Midvale.

We’ve been gunning for Felicite since we invited ourselves to write a blog about her family while they settled into the area & embarked on a spectacularly ambitious home restoration. While Hohenadel House’s history and architecture were amazing, Felicite herself turned out to be a far more compelling a subject.

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No More Threat on Calumet

A local contractor smooths out a dangerous situation.

The public parking lot on Calumet just got a whole lot safer thanks to a resurfacing of the wall of a rowhome overlooking several of the parking spaces.

Kevin McCafferty, local plastering contractor, was called in after crumbling bits of plaster had begun to fall from the wall to the street below, posing a danger to pedestrians and parked cars alike.

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What’s After Manana’s?

Johnny Manana’s is gone, but Gina Snyder of the EFDC believes the future looks bright at the corner of Ridge and Midvale.

What’s going on at Ridge and Midvale?” We’ve heard that question a lot after the news that Johnny Manana’s closed recently, after 15 years in the Falls. My answer is always the same – the future looks good at that corner! The closing of Manana’s has opened up an opportunity for a new eatery to take its place.

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