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Raise a Glass, At Last!

Here’s to beer’s historic return to East Falls — may Wissahickon Brewing Company thrive and prosper at their spectacular location on School House. Pics & video from Opening Day, plus owner Tim Gill’s personal recap.

credit: WBC

After months of “open houses,” Wissahickon Brewing Company officially cut the ribbon (er, construction tape) on the first local brewery here since Hohenadel closed in the 50’s. And so kicked off a weekend-long celebration that filled the area with craft beer lovers, curious neighbors, kids, dogs…

“I don’t know, guys, I think East Falls might be getting some vibe,” said O Claire, neighbor & owner of Koco Nails on Ridge.  She and her dad, Myron, met us late Saturday night as the party was winding down, actually.

Earlier that day, WBC was almost too busy, with limited seating and long waits for beer — not that anyone seemed to care (us included, we had a blast!)

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Closing Time

Last call for Murphy’s? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

Unbe-freakin-believable. If you’re like us, you were stunned when you heard the news: a famous East Falls bar will soon be history. Say it isn’t so, Murphy’s Irish Saloonery!

“It’s time,” Mike Murphy told us — not nearly as gently as he should have, by the way (a free beer would’ve lessened the blow, just sayin’).

But this place is an institution, and it’s busy every night. The best Irish bar in the state, yet. What gives?

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Let’s Roll!

Update March 30, 2017: Spring is back and MLK Drive will be closed weekends to car traffic all season long! 

Open Streets on MLK every weekend, now through October. Fun, easy trips for Fallsers. 

When I first heard that the city closes this whole drive from East Falls all the way downtown, I thought it must be a rumor, or a quaint memory from a time before traffic & parking issues trumped public recreational needs.

But no:  it’s true!

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Hopped Up for Historic Return

Philadelphia Business Journal’s as excited as we are about WBC’s grand opening April 1st. 

This is not a drill: Wissahickon Brewing Company is opening on Schoolhouse Lane on Saturday April 1st (2pm – 10pm). To Philadelphia Business Journal, we’re making history.

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March Goodness!

Keep your March Madness drinking games and green beers to yourself – our beer expert and renowned foodie suggests sophisticated, artful beers for getting hammered in style.

March is here and that means organizing those brackets and asking those age-old questions, “What will NOVA do?” & “Will Temple get snubbed?”

It also means warmer temperatures, and of course a certain day in which imbibing alcoholic beverages whilst navigating demented leprechauns, kilt-wearers, ginger-inflicted persons, and large green-clad masses becomes a contact sport in small Irish watering holes — such as our own beloved Murphy’s Irish Saloonery! (If you have never experienced the craziness of St. Pat’s at Murph’s, it is something to behold!)

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Heart-On for Beer

Our beer guru reviews five sexy seasonal suds that even a saint couldn’t turn down.

Happy February, to you my neighbors and friends!!!  Here we all are with cooling temperatures, fiery debates, a local QB in the Super Bowl “SO CLOSE MATTY ICE!”, and of course the biggest Hallmark holiday of them of all, Valentine’s Day.

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Just a Taste

Wissahickon Brewing Company’s Tasting room on Schoolhouse lane’s not officially open yet, but you can wet your whistle here with a peek at some recent Open Houses. 

OMG, guys! We have beer here! Really really good beer, too. In a warm, cozy location you will love!

Recently, Wissahickon Brewing Company‘s been opening up to the public for a few hours here & there (they announce times last-minute on social media). We’ve been lucky to hit a few of these Open Houses, and now that we’ve had a sample, we’re thoroughly psyched about their new tasting room OPENING SOON (!!).

If you haven’t been yet, these photos will give you a sense of what you’re missing — and what’ll soon be luring crowds of Hipsters/Gen-Xers to this once-forgotten stretch of Schoolhouse, no doubt.

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Santa’s Holiday Sixer

Beer lovers on your list will enjoy our Guest Contributor’s top picks for the Holiday Season.

Ho, ho, ho! Have we all been good little Fallsers this year? Beer lovers on your list will enjoy our Guest Editor’s top picks for the Holiday Season.

Santa is thrilled to be writing for East Falls Local — not many people know this, but Mrs. Claus is a huge Grace Kelly fan. She’s also one heck of a brewer! Why, the elves love her North Pole lager so much, that’s all she ever makes this time of year (really helps their productivity).

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Taster’s Choice

Attention craft beer fans: Phila Zoning has approved Wissahickon Brewing Company’s new tasting room on Schoolhouse lane. Looks like they’re celebrating with a giveaway! Head to WBC’s Facebook page to enter to win. 

(But wow there was some puzzling push-back when they presented to the community earlier this month…)

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Run For Their Lives

Blood cancer affects thousands of Philadelphians a year — including a Murphy’s regular now facing his second battle. This year’s Murphy Mile raised $1800 for patient support & awareness with a guerrilla-style sprint thru the neighborhood. 


In a blink, it was over. A one-mile run through East Falls, set for 11 AM last Sunday.

Steve and I scrambled right over after the Pack Walk, only to find Mike Murphy outside, pulling down the tent. “You just missed it, everyone’s inside eating now.”

Wait, what? “Yep, great turnout,” he told us, “We had 30 – 40 people, I’m hoping we raised $1500 for Carve 4 Cancer.” Talk about an efficient fundraiser. And what a blast too!

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