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Look, Ma — Non Profit!

In this month of thankfulness, we feel extra grateful for an exciting new partnership taking our neighborhood newspaper to the next level. 

East Falls Local has always felt more like a community resource than a business – and now it’s official. Last month after a selection process that involved abundant paperwork and a personal interview, East Falls Local was accepted into CultureTrust as a project under CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia’s “humanities” branch.

Which is to say that a non-profit Center City organization was like, “Hey, these cats jibe with our mission to promote arts, heritage, and creative communities – let’s hook them up with grants and help them get their crap together!”

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Caffeinated Activism in East Falls

East Falls Local newsworks article image

When NewsWorks interviewed us last month about just what on earth we were up to with our blog EastFallsLocal.com, we were kinda flummoxed.

What were we doing? What is the point of all this? How did we even start…?

And after some deep, heavy thought, we’re pretty sure it’s all about coffee. Or rather, lack thereof. Stay with us here…

Sure, there’s reliable ol’ Dunkin Donuts on Ridge but sometimes you don’t just seek a buzz: you crave something warm & luxurious in a relaxed setting that doesn’t smell like gasoline.

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Who Are We & What is Our Deal?

Hoo Are We double threats PM

In April 2014, writers Steve and Carolyn Fillmore started EastFallsHouse.com to research the history and follow the restoration of Hohenadel Mansion on Indian Queen Lane.

After noticing the house’s “SOLD” sign in March, on a whim they asked the realtor to pass their info onto the new owners: Would they want to talk about their driveway maybe being a stop in a dog-friendly “Pup Crawl” fundraiser idea the Dog Park Group was kicking around? While the event never happened (yet!), the Fillmores instantly connected with the home’s new owners’ appreciation for local history and grass-roots community improvements.

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