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First Time’s the Charm for Local Soccer Champs

East Falls, we have a winner!

Courtesy Meghan Smyth

In only its first year of existence, the East Falls traveling soccer team stormed through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation League last year like Maradona through a B team defense (sorry, I imagine the kids these days prefer Ronaldo or Messi) and pulled off an upset win to take home the title for the 10 and under division in December.

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December 2017

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Anthony Ginaldi and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible. For the latest community info about the 39th (and the Philly PD), check out Officer Joe Lukaitis’ Twitter feed.


If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district Crime Prevention Officer Joseph A. Lukaitis at 215-686-2751 or email him.


If you have security cameras please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM– it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.


NOTE: Please click on addresses below to see location on Google map. (To protect privacy, map locations of residences are approximate.)


Aggravated assault
5450 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant got into argument with offender (boyfriend) during which the offender started throwing objects at compl (cutting compl’s hand) and punching compl in the neck several times. Offender refused to give compl his belongings. No arrest. Officers advised compl to file for protection from abuse order.

35XX Ainslie St.
Complainant received a security video on her phone showing two neighbors stealing a UPS package from her porch. Offenders arrested. Stolen item: Sweatshirt. Value: $1

2800 Queen Ln.
Complainant states her son (16 years old) left his blue Nike school bag on school bus. Compl contacted Phila Trans company and an unknown person stated the bag was no longer on the bus. Stolen items: MacBook Air computer and Beats headphones. Value: $1350

4436 Ridge Ave.
Two unknown males kicked in front door of complainant’s house and the closet door where he was hiding. Offenders stated they were looking for their phones. Witness stated they were related to offenders arrested for aggravated assault at same location on 12/9. No arrest.

4300 Kelly Dr.
Between 8:05 and 9:05AM, unknown person(s) smashed out driver and passenger windows of complainant’s 2006 Mercury Mariner SUV. Items stolen: 3 duffle bags containing military uniforms, Kevlar helmet, vest, rucksack, backpack, cold weather gear, and cellphone. Value: $4000

3372 Frederick St. 
Complainant left his iPhone 7 in an Uber. When he realized it was missing, he called Uber driver who said he’d return it. Driver hasn’t returned phone or answered his phone since. Compl is unable to track his phone and police have been unsuccessful contacting driver at listed number. Value: $700

Aggravated assault
4436 Ridge Ave.
Complainant stated two unknown males entered location looking for a girl. Males became irate when they couldn’t find her and pointed a gun at compl stating they will be back if anything happens. Police arrived and arrested both offenders.

Aggravated assault
3101 Henry Ave.
Complainant was walking home from school when female offender, along with 10 unknown black males, attacked him with fists and feet. Offenders then ran away in various directions leaving compl with multiple facial bruises and bleeding from right ear. Compl’s mother transported him to hospital where he received several stitches in his lip.

3232 Henry Ave. (New Courtland Ctr)
Police observed two male offenders driving from rear of property with load of copper pipes and tools. When police checked with site manager, he said no one had permission to remove pipes from site. Offenders arrested.

3232 Henry Ave. (New Courtland Ctr)
Complainant observed an unknown black male removing copper pipes and placing them in a white 2007 Dodge minivan. Male left the site prior to police arrival. Value: $500 Description: Black male, 6’2” 250 pounds, clean shaven,   brown complexion, black hoodie, blue sweatpants.

3600 Midvale St. 
Complainant parked his 2015 Honda Civic under the railroad bridge at 2AM. When he returned at 4PM, the vehicle was missing. Owner has keys. Value: $19,000

3300 Henry Ave. (Falls Center)
Complainant placed her purse inside her desk at 5PM. When she returned, it was missing. Stolen items: Wallet with credit cards and cash. Value $400

3771 Calumet St. 
Complainant parked his vehicle at listed location at 8:30. When he returned at 10:07AM, he discovered the front passenger side window was smashed and several items missing. (iPhone6, wallet, $20, and credit cards. Value $650)


Northern Exposure

After a lifetime in Columbia SC, a new neighbor takes a chance on East Falls.

Brandy Doby lived her whole life in Columbia, SC until about three months ago. Out of the blue, one of her lifelong friends asked her if she was up for an adventure – a move north to Philly. Eight weeks later, she’d packed up and was on the road north with Mollie and another BFF, Beth. “It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. “I’m normally a very anxious person and home has always been a constant source of comfort for me.”

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Help this Mutt Strut!

Hobbled hound hopes for happy howliday!

We didn’t want to go all Tiny Tim on you, but it’s the Christmas season and we’re not above tugging heartstrings! This adorable mutt is Darwin, party animal, bareback rider, and puppy dynamo. Ever since he was rescued from a kill shelter over five years ago, he’s also been a rock for his owner Katarina.

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Stop and No!

Community activists finally got a win against “Stop and Go” corner liquor stores as Governor Wolf signed a bill last month cracking down on these nuisance establishments.

Pictured (l to r): Darece Williford, Cheryl Spencer, Pam DeLissio, and Denise Whittaker – three members of the Community Action Group with Rep DeLissio.

For years, activists in Allegheny West fought what seemed a losing battle against a surge of corner convenience stores whose only convenience seemed to be cheap beer and alcohol shots to go. Advertisements outside for cheesesteaks, hoagies and Chinese food didn’t square with what was inside — no chairs, tables, or even food.

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Rolling the Dice with our State Budget

A measure now being considered to expand gaming in PA is meant to fill the state’s revenue gap, but Pam cautions that it could be a big gamble.

Over the past several years there have been a few attempts to expand gaming in the commonwealth.

No bill had made it successfully through both chambers to the Governor’s desk until HB271.

The revenue gap of over $1.5 billion was the impetus to craft a bill that could provide some recurring revenue for the state since so many of my colleagues are averse to considering raising any type of tax.  For example, the personal Income tax was last raised in 2004, and we still do not have a severance tax on Marcellus Shale.

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Bowman to Broadway

A citizen artist from the neighborhood aims for Broadway but never forgets where she’s from.

From St. Bridget’s at age 5 to the Kimmel Center, Allison Boyle has followed her singing talent to bigger challenges and performance spaces (anyone remember the national anthem before last year’s Notre Dame/Temple game? That was Allison and her sister Jess bringing down the house). She’s now planning her biggest move yet — relocating to New York City to pursue her Broadway dream — while reflecting on how she got here, where she’s from, and what it means.

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With Gratitude

In the spirit of the season, Pam makes a list of things she’s grateful for.

In last month’s column, I shared with you something scary. This month, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will share with you some things for which I am grateful.

It is November already and as I write this it is a very mild autumn we are experiencing, which is a reminder that I am truly grateful we live in a geography that rarely experiences hurricanes like Irma, floods like those Harvey created with 50 inches of rain, and fires like the ones that destroyed towns in California.

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Something Haunted This Way Comes

An abandoned and mysterious mental asylum drives the plot of Al Cassidy’s first novel, Freeing Linhurst, a detective story set in a small Pennsylvania town. 

What’s the story behind the story? EFL had a few questions for Al…

Why the young adult genre?

While the theme of a mental institution seems like a potentially uninteresting storyline for young people, I wanted to capture the feeling of being a teenager — coming of age and really starting to understand the realities of the world. Remember the first time you realized that adults don’t actually know ev-er-y-thing?? That’s partly what the characters are going through here.

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October 2017


3505 Bowman St. 
Complainant noticed that cash was missing from her upstairs dresser at 2AM on 10/19 (reported incident on 10/29). She spoke w landlord who provided video from two security cameras showing offender entering residence and taking $577. Compl recognized offender as person who shows apartments for landlord so she thinks the person may have a key. Description: White female in her 30s, 5’3”, approximately 110 pounds, blonde hair.

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