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August 2017

3700 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant (7 year-old juvenile) was on his phone when 2 juveniles (black males, both approx. 10 years old) approached him and asked to use his phone. When compl refused, the males threatened to beat him up. Males then grabbed the phone and ran westbound on Midvale. Stolen items: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone and $31 in cash. Value: $281

2900 W. Schoolhouse Ln.
Unknown person(s) broke driver’s side window of complainant’s 2016 Honda Accord and stole the air bag from the steering wheel.

4200 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked her Lexus 350 at 5:40PM. When she returned at 6:30, she noticed that the front passenger-side window was smashed and several items missing: $120 in cash, iPhone 7s, Coach purse, clothing, and four pairs of prescription glasses. Value: $3220

4168 Ridge Ave. (Sunoco gas station)
Complainant parked his vehicle at the station and went inside to make a purchase. Upon exiting, he saw an unknown black male enter his unlocked car through the passenger side and take two iPhones from the center console. Offender fled the scene. Value: $440 Suspect description: early 20s, 5’10”, medium build, dark gray shirt, long black workout pants.

4268 Ridge Ave. (BP gas station)
Complainant’s rental vehicle (2017 Chevy Camaro) was parked at the pump while he went inside the store to pay for gas. When he emerged, he saw an unknown black male get in the car and drive away southbound on Ridge Ave. Compl had left keys in the ignition. Value: $25000. Suspect description: 30s, had a goatee, and wore a yellow shirt.

32XX West Penn St. 
Complainant suspects female caregiver for his 96 year old mother has been stealing items from her home. Compl first began to notice items missing on 7/18 (brass picture frames and piano stand). Witness #1 stated he saw suspect on 7/31 loading cabinets, lamps, trays, etc into her car at 8:30AM. Witness #2 saw suspect on same day at noon, also loading items into her car. When compl arrived on 8/2 at 1:30PM, he noticed several items missing from the garage: various tools, 2 window AC units, and a quadrajet carb and intake for his 1963 Ford Galaxie. Compl also noticed the ignition on the car had been tampered with. In the home, he noticed that all silverware, an antique clock, and more tools were missing. Value: $15000

35XX Calumet 
Unknown person(s) stole complainant’s 2016 Subaru Impreza between 12:30AM and 7:45AM. Value: $18000

3901 Henry Ave. (The Kelly House)
Property manager left location secured at 4PM on 8/1. When he returned at 7AM on 8/2, he noticed window in basement door was broken and several doors were unlocked. No surveillance cameras on property. Stolen items: 2 Navien boilers, a Navien hot water heater, and assorted tools. Value: $6800

Fashion Forward

Local designer aims high with “Poised Society” clothing line. Did we mention he’s a teenager?

Gabriel Brown (center, back) and models at photo shoot on Kelly Drive

Don’t let his age fool you, Gabriel Brown isn’t kidding around about fashion. The 17 year-old has been building his Poised Society brand since he first dreamed about his own fashion line at 14. Unlike some teen business phenoms, he’s built it up himself. Website design, graphic arts, clothing design, photography, and even some of the textiles used in his pieces, he created himself. And he works a regular job to pay for it.

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July 2017

36XX Midvale Ave.
Between 7PM on 7/31 and 5AM on 8/1, unknown person(s) broke into complainant’s car and stole $100 in cash and two pairs of Nike sneakers. Value: $200

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A Fish Out of Order

UPDATE June 13, 2017: They’re baaaack! After months of repairs & maintenance, East Falls’ fish plates return to their spot under the Twin Bridges. 

All spruced up like new, the plates have been sand-blasted, straightened, and strengthened by sculptor Steven Sears. He even powder-coated them this time! “It’s harder than paint, and should last another 20 years, ” he explained.

The fish names, too, are much crisper and easier to read now, thanks to a special kind of vinyl lettering that’s unbelievably strong. “It’s the same stuff they use on airplanes,” Sears told us, “It holds tight at -30 degrees and 600 mph!” Whatever our wacky Philly weather piles on, these plates have been reinforced to take it in stride.

Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before he’s called out here again. We certainly don’t want another repeat of what brought them down last year.

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Killing the Gerrymander

Too many of PA’s voting districts are gerrymandered. Pam supports a way to put this practice out of its misery.

Fair and square elections are what citizens are demanding and I am working hard to deliver by supporting redistricting reform legislation.

Why is this important? Every ten years after the U.S. Census is taken, new boundaries are drawn for Pennsylvania State Senators and Representatives to accommodate shifts in population. This redistricting process is necessary but the manner in which the new boundaries are drawn has been abused by a process known as gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the manipulation of the boundaries to favor one party.

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June 2017

Aggravated assault
3502 Scotts Ln.
Complainant states offender struck her in the face several times with a rock and also maced her. Compl has multiple cuts and bruises on her face and arms. She was transported to hospital. Offender in custody. Video is available on property.

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Seeing Red (Lights) on Allegheny Ave.   

Neighbors in Allegheny West take to the streets to fight for their traffic lights.

Intersection at 32nd & Allegheny

It took two deaths and a mass protest to get a traffic light at 32nd and Allegheny almost 40 years ago but a recent PennDOT project is threatening to take it away. Neighbors in the area, many unaware that the lights were scheduled for removal until recently, weren’t about to let that happen.

So during a Friday afternoon rush hour earlier this month, approximately 50 of them barricaded the intersection and carried signs into the street, causing buses and cars to back up for blocks all along Allegheny and triggering traffic snarls on surrounding roads.

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Scout and About: Five Scouting Lessons this Summer

Summer’s coming and outdoor adventures await in East Falls and beyond for Boy Scout Troop 474. Got a budding scout in your house? Archery, first aid, and firebuilding are just a few of the things he could learn this season.

When Joe Petrone of Petrone Realty was a kid, half the scouts in Troop 474 were from East Falls. “It was great, everybody came out and we did all kinds of fun wilderness and survival stuff.” Joe loved it so much, he volunteers today as a scoutmaster for the Troop. “We’ve got a good group from Roxborough and Manayunk, but we could always use more East Falls guys,” he told us recently.

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Poll Position

Election Day is approaching fast. Pam runs down the races and discusses how the “merit selection of judges” could give us better candidates.

May 16th is Election Day. Election Day occurs two times a year although you would not know it by the historical turnout in non-Presidential election years.

Generally turnout is no greater than 20%.  I sincerely hope that given the current heightened interest, involvement, and awareness of citizens, our turnout on May 16th is closer to 50% (although in my opinion it should be 75% or higher).

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May 2017

41XX Ridge Ave.
Complainant states unknown person(s) stole his 2012 Diamondback bicycle (Serene) from his rear open back porch between 5 and 9AM on 5/31 Value: $500

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