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Author: Kim Brickley

DIY Art Corner: Sock Snowmen!

Stuck inside? Here’s the perfect family art project for riding out the arctic weather.

I think we can all agree that snowmen made out of socks are rather adorable!  The best part is, you can make them with just few household items, so it is also a good reuse/recycling as well as a 3D art lesson!

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DIY Art Corner: Make a Mason Jar Winter Wonderland Lantern!

With just basic supplies, you can make Christmas candle jars that look amazing when illuminated at night. 

One of the things I love most about handmade items is their uniqueness.  No one else will have exactly the same piece… even if they follow the exact same instructions. This is definitely one of those projects!

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DIY Art Corner: Rainbows for Fall

Who says fall has to be orange and black? This kids’ art project brings together a rainbow of colors to enliven your home thru the season.

I love bright and colorful. There is something that is so happy about being reminded of rainbows. Maybe it’s the inner child wanting to find that pot of gold at the end or maybe it’s just that I dig colors.

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