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Convivial Corner Returns to Paradise Nextdoor — Not

NOV 2017 UPDATE: Remember that bar/restaurant that was supposed to open here? Change of plans.

Not so fast, Catfish. After another two years of languishing while Sherman & Cavaliere launched Foghorn Chicken farther up Ridge Ave instead, demolition has begun on this historic building. The owners deemed it so far damaged it’s not worth trying to renovate.

Word on the street is that this lot will be sold for new residential construction to meet this area’s high demand. Sorry, history. We’d rather replace all our local character with shiny new boxes for luxury home seekers.

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Great Footing for East Falls Forward

**UPDATE 12-11-15**

East Falls Fumbled?  For all the panic East Falls Forward created in local organizations, this fledging RCO’s first year didn’t forge very  far at all. 

Sigh. We had high hopes for East Falls Forward, including this list of 10 of our favorite things we were looking forward to, with a new RCO in town, organized just this past June.

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THIS WAY to Happy Healthy Pets in East Falls

Eastfallslocal Pet Street exterior px BUSINESS CLOSING 12-15

*UPDATE 12-15-15*

Well, that was fast…

After three months, Pet Street owner Steve Carvelli is closing shop, citing poor sales and neighborhood disinterest. This Saturday his shop will be unloading as much merchandise as possible, in order to clear the place out for his next venture, a real estate office.

More details to follow, meanwhile swing by this weekend for last-minute holiday shopping for your four-footed friend. Everything must go! Lots of bones, treats, and sample-sized packages of dog food still available.

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For Your Consideration: Community Council’s Puzzling Performance

Dramatic opposition to thousands of dollars of resources for Mifflin School unfolds before our camera at last Monday night’s General Meeting, while President Bill Epstein evidently feigns cluelessness? 

Eastfallslocal bill epstein

Weird meeting last week, guys. Clips provided below sum up the most interesting bits for us. But first, two items of immediate import —

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Build a Blog! Make Your Own Newspaper!

Or just play paparazzi on the internet. If you can use a smartphone, you can publish engaging content people will read. Get started with our newbie-friendly seminar, “BLOGGING FOR BEGINNERS”  this January 15 & 16.

“Home publishing” has come a lonnnnnng way in recent years, thanks to free websites that offer plug & play templates you can easily fill with text, photos, graphics, videos — all kinds of stuff that other free websites help you create.

EastFallsLocal collage covers from 2015

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It’s a Guild. It’s a Gallery. It’s SHOPPING on CONRAD!

From now until 2016, Street and Curb on Conrad features hand-made art and gifts at prices you’ll fall in love with. Just in time for the Holidays.

Eastfallslocal jewelry glassworks px invitation

Retail returns to East Falls’ historic business corridor this season — special gifts for every budget in Street and Curb’s laid-back local venue.

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Local History Photo-Tours — It’s a Thing Here Now!

EastFallsLocal 10-25 PhotoTour polaroid px txt
Philly author & photographer Joe Minardi’s neighborhood tours are a fun way to learn about history, architecture, and photography in a relaxed, friendly group.  If you think East Falls is photogenic in Autumn, wait’ll you see us decked out for the Holidays!

We looked, we lolled, we learned. And then we all went out for beers. If History class was always like this, I’d have probably majored in the subject.

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Let It Begin Here

winston churchill 2 text resize

East Falls Can Do Better! Taking a stand against negativity & incompetence from East Falls Community Council. We’re looking at you — Alex Keating , member at large — for demonstrating shocking inability to work out disputes like an adult.   Do we see a pattern here… hmmm?

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East Falls Rocks the River with Fall Fest

Eastfallslocal Feature Autumn Street Fest

Saturday’s Autumn Street Fest was the prettiest corner of East Falls with an “Open Streets” vibe that seemed to have the whole town smiling. 

EastFallsLocal Fall Fest fire dept banner survey RSIZE

Wow, our river!

Never fails to amaze me how much I appreciate when the drive is shut down and we can wander around by the river together, friends and neighbors and lookie loos from the bike path who are all, “Where is this place? Who are these lucky people and how can I be one of them?”

Perhaps an exaggeration but still: our stretch of Kelly Drive instantly becomes an enviably beautiful riverside park with just a few police barricades and some strategically-parked fire trucks. That. We. Can. Play. On. (!) 

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Henry Ave Next for “Safety Improvements”

EastFallslocal speedbumps feature kinda

Speed bumps on Henry Ave? Hear all about PennDOT’s plans and projected completion times Thursday, October 8th at 6:30 pm in the Wolcoff Auditorium at Roxborough Memorial Hospital. But first! A crash course on traffic calming measures, and the controversy surrounding them.

Hey — people who live and drive on Henry Avenue:  sixty neighbors are demanding changes on this road deemed a “speedway,” and looks like PennDOT has plans to accommodate them. Googling for details was frustrating, not a whole lot of info out there but the good news is, PennDOT is holding another public meeting October 8th to recap everything before projects get underway.

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