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Look, Ma — Non Profit!

In this month of thankfulness, we feel extra grateful for an exciting new partnership taking our neighborhood newspaper to the next level. 

East Falls Local has always felt more like a community resource than a business – and now it’s official. Last month after a selection process that involved abundant paperwork and a personal interview, East Falls Local was accepted into CultureTrust as a project under CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia’s “humanities” branch.

Which is to say that a non-profit Center City organization was like, “Hey, these cats jibe with our mission to promote arts, heritage, and creative communities – let’s hook them up with grants and help them get their crap together!”

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Goodbye, Foxy

After losing her dearly beloved dog Foxy, Penn Street resident Barbara Moore thanks her neighbors and remembers a one-of-a-kind companion.


To my East Falls neighbors, sister Vicky, neighbor Diana, and others who supported me through Foxy’s death:

I am lucky I had a chance to own such a loving and loyal rescue dog, one that was a joy to me and a source of comfort, especially when I lost my other great rescue, Peanutchew, in October of 2015. Foxy masked his own pain at the loss of his big brother, even as he helped me through my grief.

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From East Falls With Love

Lovelights are here!  Now in its 18th year, the February tradition at McMichael Park celebrates loves of all kinds with Lovelight messages. Watch for the tree lighting on the evening of Feb. 14th when a tree will glow for all your loved ones. 

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East Falls Twelfth Night

Mark your calendars. This January a multi-denominational faith-based event welcomes Falls newcomers.The holidays are over after New Years. The pressure of activities is finally slowing. But wait! Christmas is twelve days long! Remember the song! What happened to the rest of Christmas?

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Christians remember the visit of the Magi. It falls on January 6, but is often celebrated on the next weekend. So we’ll celebrate on Saturday, January 7.

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Santa’s Holiday Sixer

Beer lovers on your list will enjoy our Guest Contributor’s top picks for the Holiday Season.

Ho, ho, ho! Have we all been good little Fallsers this year? Beer lovers on your list will enjoy our Guest Editor’s top picks for the Holiday Season.

Santa is thrilled to be writing for East Falls Local — not many people know this, but Mrs. Claus is a huge Grace Kelly fan. She’s also one heck of a brewer! Why, the elves love her North Pole lager so much, that’s all she ever makes this time of year (really helps their productivity).

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Food for Thought

That time Dwight Evans took a Fallser to lunch:  the former PA State Rep is pretty much a shoo-in for US Congress, as Democratic candidate for our 2nd Congressional District. As a constituent, Karen Melton was delighted to win a contest for the chance to break bread & get to know him better. 


Karen Melton has lived in East Falls with her husband Jake since 1991 . She’s written for the Fallser and is a member of 350Philadelphia, a local group that fights for climate change solutions.

On a sunny day last month, she took advantage of a “huge opportunity” to speak with Dwight Evans, candidate for congress, at Trolley Car Cafe.  Melton, an activist and ardent follower of local politics, was thrilled to have won a Facebook contest for the lunch with Evans.

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A Power Plant in Our Backyard?

East Falls resident Karen Melton alerts us to a proposed SEPTA plant in neighboring Nicetown and the effects it might have on the area’s air quality.


Many neighbors have yet to hear about a new project SEPTA is considering in neighboring Nicetown — a natural gas electric generation plant that would be located near Wayne Junction and the Midvale bus depot. Click here for interactive map.

SEPTA authorized funding to design the plant in October, but most local community groups say they haven’t heard about it until recently. The next phase will be for SEPTA to decide whether to move forward with construction — that decision is expected as early as late summer.

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Appetite for the Arts in East Falls

Who knew we were so hungry for dinner theatre here? Full house both nights at Trolley Car Cafe for “TURNPIKE,” an original play by Fallser Kathy Anderson and the Philadelphia Theatre Workshop. 


When it comes to supporting local theatre, East Falls commits to the part: we show up in droves, we present full attention, we clap out culture-loving hearts out.

“We had an amazing time presenting our new play, TURNPIKE, at Trolley Car Cafe,” said Kathy Anderson, co-writer of the play with Bill Felty, who also directed the play. “The audiences were so wonderful, the best you could ever hope for.”

It was a first for both Philadelphia Theatre Workshop and Trolley Car Café – dinner and live theatre on the restaurant’s outside patio on August 21 & 22.

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Northwest Residents Hope to Preserve Community Garden

Neighbors rally to protect and reactivate the Old Tennis Court Farm.

Eastfallslocal.Old Tennis Court Farm w TEXT

by Ellen Wert
Friends of Cloverly Park

The 50 garden plots lie fallow, and weeds have overtaken the pathways between them. Birds are enjoying the bounty of the fruit trees and berry bushes. There are no weekly boxes and bags of fresh, organic vegetables for local food security programs. The gardeners of the Old Tennis Court Farm community garden on the 5400 block of Wissahickon Avenue are sitting this season out.

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Setting the Table for Murder

Live theater at Trolley Car Cafe this August 21 & 22nd: Local author (along with Philadelphia Theatre Company) presents a modern murder mystery set in a diner in the 1970’s. BYOB, with 3-course buffet featuring favorites from Trolley Car’s new dinner menu. 

EastFallsLocal trolley car cafe dinner theatre turnpike july 2016 resize 2

East Falls resident Kathy Anderson was having brunch at Trolley Car Café when she had an idea. She was writing a new murder mystery play, set in a diner in 1972, with co-writer and director Bill Felty, of Philadelphia Theatre Workshop. Why not propose performing the play as pop-up live theatre right here on the Trolley Car Café outside patio?

The timing was great, because the restaurant, famed for its wonderful breakfast and lunches, was launching a new dinner service.

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