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Grandma Got Run Over by Some Rein-beers

Favorite beers to take the pain out of reindeer/pedestrian collisions over the holidays.

It’s the holiday season once again and I’m already suffering from the Holi-daze.

Holi-Daze (n): Confused & anxious behavior exhibited between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, associated with family gatherings, extensive travels, enormous meals, unwarranted advice, excruciating Christmas song radio play, long checkout lines, and overall yuletide yada yada yada.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, and he LOVES beer! Think about it, who other than a beer bellied, heavily-bearded, red-nosed, jolly fat guy, who lives in an arctic climate with flying reindeer and elves, and insists on spreading goodwill and cheer during the holiday season, could be responsible for such great seasonal beer offerings! Okay, so take away the below-freezing temperatures, reindeer, and elves and I just described every brewer, beer-geek, and heavier hipster I know……but I WANT TO BELIEVE!

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Giving Thanks for NovemBEERS

JK talks turkey about the best beers for the season.

November is a time for giving and sharing, and what better to give, or share than some amazing autumnal beer selections that make any Thanksgiving better.

This month’s column will focus on selections that turn even the driest over-cooked turkey or familiar family casserole into fare for the gods straight from a horn o’plenty…OK well maybe not, but they do pair amazingly with the fare of the holiday and can help make even those awkward family arguments over politics, football, or who’s the best cook in the family palatable.

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Ya Gotta Be Pumpkin Kidding Me

Oh my gourd, it’s pumpkin beer season again! Here are some of JK’s top picks

It’s that time again….the time of year where EVERYTHING from coffee, pancakes, lip-gloss to even our beloved beers, become beholden to the great pumpkin gods and are infused with everything pumpkin.  No need to worry, if you are not a pumpkin fan, this columnist understands your plight and, as always, I write for everyone, so I’ll also being reviewing some great Oktoberfest beers which are easily enjoyed in this beautiful fall weather.

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Falling into Great Beers

Beat the summer blues with our autumn brew review. 

Summer is ending, and I hope everyone was able to make the best of the warm weather and a certain columnist’s beer recommendations for the vacation season — if you were unable to do either, here’s a chance to reboot with some tasty fall beers!

Fall is the time to say goodbye to all the fruity wheat beers and lighter fare that have crossed our parched mouths over the hot summer months, but it is also the time we welcome back beloved Oktoberfest lagers, heartier malted ales, bigger, darker stouts and porters, seasonal sours, and yes, the highly anticipated and equally cringeworthy pumpkin spice beers.*

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Beer and a Bump

Nothing wrong with a beer and a chaser, but what if you just save yourself some trouble and mix em up? JK offers some of his favorite beer cocktails — hybrid drinks that alternate sips of smooth spirits and cold, crisp beer.

It’s summer and it’s time for vacation, and in the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to take a vacation from reviewing & recommending beers for my neighbors & friends.  There is no reason to fret dear loyal readers, for in the place of my witty, banter-filled reviews I bring you a column filled with delicious beer-cocktail recipes perfect for enjoying the warm summer season.

People may scoff at the new popularity of incorporating beer into cocktails, however beer drinks such as the Purl, made with bitter herbs and beer, was one of ancestors of the cocktail!  The beer cocktail has a long history in the United States, even being used as a smoothing agent in alcoholic punches that some of our founding fathers’ surely imbibed…..I’m looking at you Mifflin!  So here are some of my personal favorites for upgrading that summer kegger to a classy beer-cocktail filled soiree.

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There Is a Cure for the Summertime Blues

Five beers of summer that’ll keep you cool and help you forget our bumbling boys of summer.

Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Well, it’s officially summer and despite the Phillies’ best attempts to give us the blues, the season must go on. Luckily, there’s so much to do in Philly and down the shore one can easily forget the debacle that is our beloved baseball team. Pardon my disdain, I’m nursing a month-long hangover thanks to our amazing Philadelphia Beer Week.

But things are looking up in our ‘hood – the Falls has been graced with its very own pop-up Beer Garden under the Twin Bridges!!!! If you haven’t made it out to one yet, you’ve missed some great brews, food and company on the banks of the river!  The Beer Garden pops-up every 3rd Thursday from 6pm-11pm in the summer!

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Summer Beers Make Me Feel Fine!

Whether you’re lounging on a beach, summering in the city, or camping in the mountains, these fine beers will help you celebrate the start of summer.

Summer is here, and one of the most beautiful sections of the city during the warmer season is our beloved East Falls.  There’s a plethora of activity in our little neighborhood in the summer, despite the great flight of many to the Jersey shore.

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Let’s Hear It for the Falls

With Gina Snyder’s resignation, her position as East Falls Development Corporation’s executive director is up for grabs. Our own Jon Kennedy throws his hat in the ring — and shares a love letter to the neighborhood he’d like to serve. 

If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you know Jon Kennedy — he’s one of the friendliest faces around East Falls. We first met him pulling drafts at Murphy’s (of course we did) but he lives here and hangs here and is a great guy to know in so many ways

His beer column’s a reader favorite, and we don’t know anyone who cares more about these 1.5 square miles we call home. When Jon showed us his application materials for the EFDC gig, we liked his essay so much we’re sharing it here with some of our favorite pics from 2017 so far. (Thanks, Jon!)

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Don’t Worry, Beer Happy!

Spring is busting out all over in East Falls. Celebrate the season with these five top beer picks.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone!!!! Wow, East Falls is just bursting with beautiful budding trees and gorgeous foliage, and this may very be one of the most beautiful parts of Philadelphia this time of year.

However, dear readers if you are like me, even the return of our beloved Phillies cannot quell the onslaught of the seasonal allergies that accompany this beautiful season. So, short of buying stock in Allegra and consuming as much local honey as possible, what can a poor boy do????

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March Goodness!

Keep your March Madness drinking games and green beers to yourself – our beer expert and renowned foodie suggests sophisticated, artful beers for getting hammered in style.

March is here and that means organizing those brackets and asking those age-old questions, “What will NOVA do?” & “Will Temple get snubbed?”

It also means warmer temperatures, and of course a certain day in which imbibing alcoholic beverages whilst navigating demented leprechauns, kilt-wearers, ginger-inflicted persons, and large green-clad masses becomes a contact sport in small Irish watering holes — such as our own beloved Murphy’s Irish Saloonery! (If you have never experienced the craziness of St. Pat’s at Murph’s, it is something to behold!)

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