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Introducing: Praiseworthy Pets

A trainer who does all the work for you? We’re intrigued… And putting our own dog to the test!

If you’re busy with a challenging dog, Naomi Rotenberg is like a dream come true: she’ll teach your pet everything he needs to know, and then show you how to handle him from here on out. No classes, no hassles. Naomi trains your pooch right at home and in your neighborhood while you’re away at work or otherwise occupied.

How does this even work? Our reactive rescue Ducky makes an excellent guinea pig for Praiseworthy Pets, a new training option for East Falls and nearby neighborhoods.

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Faces of East Falls

These are the people in our neighborhood! East Falls’ favorite photographer gets up close ‘n personal with neighbors who share their hobbies, happy places, and secrets for enjoying life as a Fallser. 

Can a bar be your best friend? Is it possible to adopt a cat by accident? This second installment of Captured by Caity‘s “Faces” brings up some fun head-scratchers from JP Palmer and Sarah Wingo.

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RAH Revival Continues

A rehab Renaissance nextdoor. 

RAH’s current growth spurt hasn’t been limited to new construction from outside developers. Older homes, too, are being renovated to accommodate the influx of professionals who’ve discovered this artsy, affordable area bordering East Falls. In fact, this community (which now seems to favor the name “Paradise”) was once called the “Lower Falls” and was the outer limits for St. Bridget’s parish.

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Westward, HO!

Because life’s an adventure, and who knows what the New Year will bring?

After more than a decade in the neighborhood  – and two years planning & photographing events for East Falls Local — Denise Hasher hit the road for a cross-country drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico. A new job with an old friend beckoned and, frankly, she’d felt rather stalled in the Falls.

Denise took an EFL with her on her road trip, and filled us in on how it feels to start over at “midlife.”

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Nosy Neighbor Report: Redeemer Renovations

“Dear East Falls Local, what is going on in the old Redeemer church building? I WANNA SEEEEE!!!!!” Well okay, then. Let’s have a look, shall we?

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ll know we’re big fans of historic architecture. So is developer Gary Jonas – I know, I know, he’s still in the business of making money off our collective landscape but hear us out. He’s ultimately a preservationist, too, because his jam is repurposing old buildings, not tearing them down.

St. Bridget’s Lofts on Stanton, that’s a perfect example of how Gary kept the old school looking pretty much as it always has from the street – but inside, it was transformed into unique luxury apartments you can view in our walk-thru from 2015. All the units were quickly occupied, East Falls is a very desirable neighborhood, plus some people really do like to live in historic buildings.

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2017: The Year in Review

Time flies, Fallsers – another year’s behind us. Before we turn the page on 2017, let’s take a look back at some highlights from the neighborhood. 


Fish sculpture returned to Inn Yard Park.

NewCourtland announces plans to incorporate a dog park and a community garden into plans for their Henry Avenue senior services campus (in the former EPPI property).

Japanese Banquet Hall on Kelly Drive comes down to make room for townhomes/condos.

EFDC hires street cleaner for Ridge Avenue business corridor.

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Secret Santa

For the 4th Christmas in a row, we’re going door-to-door caroling with the neighborhood. This year we’re spreading maximum cheer with a musical mystery guest who’s the holiday’s biggest fan.

Meet Johnny Chobani – the man, the myth, the mistletoe! An alias, of course, because — like Saint Nick — Johnny’s an undercover dude. We’re coaxing him into the limelight, though, to accompany EFL readers with St. Bridget’s Teen Choir, Metro Presby, and St James School when we sing thru the neighborhood Monday December 18th.

Why, he’s a radiant beacon of holiday spirit! May this festive Fallser’s answers to our Christmas Questions bring you yuletide joy.

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Ken-Crest Plans November 2017

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There’s No Place Like Home

Is East Falls the kind of community that would welcome a home for sick kids by our favorite residential park? 

1/8/18 UPDATE: We’ve received a revised plan and elevation sheets from KenCrest.  Attached at the end of the post

During the holidays, especially, “home” takes on special meaning. We decorate them, make up our own little rituals when to light this, and where to hang that. We welcome friends and family home, even sing about home in Christmas carols. Everyone needs a place to call home.

Here in East Falls, KenCrest at Midvale & McMichael seeks to create a transitional care home for six ventilated/intubated children in their facility by the park (currently providing daycare for disabled adults).

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Fish Story, Wish Story

An East Falls fairy tale for our friends at Frequency Tattoo, and all our neighborhood’s cyclists & art lovers. 

Gather ‘round, kids, here’s a story about a wizard, a woodsman, and a fish who all met one day in a village by a river and a creek and a big green forest. The fish was the first one who spoke,

“Good sir!” he called to the woodsman on his way to work one morning, “If you help remove these plastic six-pack rings wrapped around me, I will grant you a wish.”

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