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Final Bow: Remembering Harry Prime

East Falls says goodbye to beloved hometown boy Harry Prime, one of the last remaining Big Band legends in the world who died suddenly in his home June 15th at the ripe age of 97.

He lived almost a century, but it’s still hard to believe such a vigorous spirit is gone. Although dogged by chronic impairments in his last days, Harry had remained sharp as a tack and was looking forward to performing again for friends and family as soon as he was able.

“He was a great singer and storyteller, I’m really glad I knew him,” said Tom Leschak of Epicure Cafe, where Harry wowed his last audience in 2015 — and where Harry grew up in the 40’s, in the apartment above what used to be a market.

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Beer Gardens a Go-Go

Beer’s back in the Falls this year — big-time!  The huge success of Wissahickon Brewing Company’s grand opening last April has kicked off a whole series of pop-up beer gardens, including a mid-summer pool party in Art Deco grandeur. 

Last fall, some neighbors were doubtful that Wissahickon Brewing Company’s proposed “tasting room” on Schoolhouse would attract any new business to the area outside of rowdy college students.  Famous last words from the zoning meeting: “Who goes out for craft beer when they’ve got kids at home?”  Ummm… everyone?

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A Fish Out of Order

UPDATE June 13, 2017: They’re baaaack! After months of repairs & maintenance, East Falls’ fish plates return to their spot under the Twin Bridges. 

All spruced up like new, the plates have been sand-blasted, straightened, and strengthened by sculptor Steven Sears. He even powder-coated them this time! “It’s harder than paint, and should last another 20 years, ” he explained.

The fish names, too, are much crisper and easier to read now, thanks to a special kind of vinyl lettering that’s unbelievably strong. “It’s the same stuff they use on airplanes,” Sears told us, “It holds tight at -30 degrees and 600 mph!” Whatever our wacky Philly weather piles on, these plates have been reinforced to take it in stride.

Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before he’s called out here again. We certainly don’t want another repeat of what brought them down last year.

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Just Push Play

UPDATE 6-12-17: The plot thickens… No one’s claiming responsibility for alarming (yet vague) new signs at McMichael. 

Mysterious signs have popped up at McMichael Park, in apparent response to a recent stakeholder meeting where plans for the new playground proposed using more space than the initial 1 – 2 % requested for a natural play area.

It’s just a first draft, though! Designers are back at the drawing board to address concerns. Meanwhile, Friends of McMichael park deny that they’re behind the new signs — but these “bandit” signs hung around for days without any comment from the Friends, so perhaps that’s telling?

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Summer Beers Make Me Feel Fine!

Whether you’re lounging on a beach, summering in the city, or camping in the mountains, these fine beers will help you celebrate the start of summer.

Summer is here, and one of the most beautiful sections of the city during the warmer season is our beloved East Falls.  There’s a plethora of activity in our little neighborhood in the summer, despite the great flight of many to the Jersey shore.

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BACKache to the beach!

A few simple tips from Dr. Chris McKenzie to bulletproof your back, and ensure a pain free summer experience at the beach.

Pictured: Tom Caley, owner of East Falls Chiropractic.

Summer is here and before you know it, you’ll be heading down to the Jersey Shore for some R&R on the beach. Keep in mind that your back can use a vacation too from sitting at your desk all week.

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Seeing Red (Lights) on Allegheny Ave.   

Neighbors in Allegheny West take to the streets to fight for their traffic lights.

Intersection at 32nd & Allegheny

It took two deaths and a mass protest to get a traffic light at 32nd and Allegheny almost 40 years ago but a recent PennDOT project is threatening to take it away. Neighbors in the area, many unaware that the lights were scheduled for removal until recently, weren’t about to let that happen.

So during a Friday afternoon rush hour earlier this month, approximately 50 of them barricaded the intersection and carried signs into the street, causing buses and cars to back up for blocks all along Allegheny and triggering traffic snarls on surrounding roads.

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Ticked Off

After a warm winter, experts predict higher tick populations in the Northeast than normal. How can you keep your pet tick free? Or remove one once it’s attached? Dr. Patten gives us the low down.

What diseases can ticks transmit to my dog?

Ticks can transmit Lyme, Erhlichia, Anaplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many other diseases. Signs of a tick-borne disease may include fever, lethargy, joint pain, and decreased appetite.  If you notice any of these symptoms you should

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Beers for Bike Racks

New series of pop-up beer gardens & events around East Falls aims to festoon Ridge Ave with funky, functional art. 

You’d think a solid metal sculpture bolted to concrete would be a stationary fixture, but Inn Yard Park’s jaunty fish bike rack has been surprisingly mobile. Installed in 2011, around 2015 we noticed it was just sitting freely on the sidewalk, chained to a standard “U” bike rack. WTF?

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Let’s Hear It for the Falls

With Gina Snyder’s resignation, her position as East Falls Development Corporation’s executive director is up for grabs. Our own Jon Kennedy throws his hat in the ring — and shares a love letter to the neighborhood he’s hoping to serve. 

If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you know Jon Kennedy — he’s one of the friendliest faces around East Falls. We first met him pulling drafts at Murphy’s (of course we did) but he lives here and hangs here and is a great guy to know in so many ways

His beer column’s a reader favorite, and we don’t know anyone who cares more about these 1.5 square miles we call home. When Jon showed us his application materials for the EFDC gig, we liked his essay so much we’re sharing it here with some of our favorite pics from 2017 so far. (Thanks, Jon!)

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