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Taster’s Choice

Attention craft beer fans: Phila Zoning has approved Wissahickon Brewing Company’s new tasting room on Schoolhouse lane. Looks like they’re celebrating with a giveaway! Head to WBC’s Facebook page to enter to win. 


(But wow there was some puzzling push-back when they presented to the community earlier this month…)

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What’s In A (Nick-) Name?

FUN FACT: That lifelong Fallser you know probably has at least one nickname that everyone else who grew up here knows him by. Oh, how you’ll tank our insanely local quiz! And OMG, the hair in these yearbook pics… 


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One of the first interviews we did for East Falls Local, was with guy called Red Dog. Of course we’re talking about McDevitt’s Tom McNicholas. Why is he Red Dog? His red hair & ruddy complexion, plus, an older brother was already called “Big Dog” so… woof! The name quite suits him, we can see why it stuck.

Our parents choose our given names, but those of us who answer to nicknames most likely have our friends to thank.

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Angela & Annie: An East Falls Dog Story


Some of the most ardent dog lovers do not grow up with dogs. Take Angela Ludovici, an East Falls resident for 51 years, who’s now devoted to her fifth Golden Retriever, Annie.

Angela was not raised with dogs, because her mother was afraid of them. When the family moved to East Falls, her mom made friends with a neighbor who had a dog, and got comfortable with them.

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TROLLEY CAR CAFE: Donate Coats for Neighbors in Need

Trolley Car Cafe seeks new or gently-used coats of all kinds for infants, children, teens, and adults for its annual coat drive, now in full swing.


Got an extra coat you never wear? Kids outgrow their snow suits? Local shelters desperately need cold-weather gear for neighborhood families this winter.

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Pizza Is Always the Answer

In a post-election world, Pizza Ninja grapples with important questions in his review of the new pizza-slash-coffee spot where Chestnut Hill Coffee used to be. 


Welcome to the post-2016 Presidential Election edition of East Falls pizza reviews.

The great state of Pennsylvania received a lot of national coverage during this election season.  Is it a blue state?  Is it a red state?


The answer is neither, it’s a pizza state.

The Ninja submits the following piece of supporting evidence to you, my loyal pizza reader:

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Don’t Get Stuck

The good news: Lincoln Drive is getting a whole host of safety, traffic, drainage, and even aesthetic improvements. The bad news: traffic could be nightmarish for awhile. Details, plus a work-around for visitors & neighborhood newbies. 


So now that Walnut Lane Bridge is open for traffic, Philadelphia Streets Department has got Lincoln Drive next on the docket. Streets engineering manager Vadim Fleysh stopped by Community Council’s general meeting earlier this month to brief the neighborhood on what to expect when work begins.

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Fitness By Leaps & Bounds

Obstacles? Ha! For students at Pinnacle Parkour, every impediment is an opportunity to grow stronger, swifter, smarter.  (As featured on Fox29) 


Before we checked in with the Pinnacle folks, I had a limited knowledge of parkour: mostly just ill-fated Youtube clips, and that scene in The Office. Now, we’ve got a whole gym for this sport in East Falls somehow? Real people are doing this?

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Street Smarts

Our business corridor’s sharper these days, thanks to a tireless band of process wonks & local leaders who refused to give up on safety fixes & more curb parking at a busy stretch of Ridge. 


What a gorgeous day for a ribbon cutting! We made time to meet up with Sharon Jaffe, chair of the board of EFDC and quite a Who’s Who of East Falls’ business and leadership. Maybe it was the weather, but this gathering seemed remarkably joyful for a civic formality.

Inn Yard Park was ablaze with Fall color so we took a bunch of pictures and even attempted an “Abbey Road” photo shoot on Ridge Avenue in rush hour. I guess folks get a little cocky when they feel they’ve achieved the impossible.

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Sweet Spot in Town

COOKIES! COOKIES! COOKIES! Right now. On Ridge. We popped by Famous 4th to chat with an owner about plans for their new bakery in the old liquor store. 


Let’s get this right out: we are all within walking distance to the most delicious cookies, baked from old family recipes unchanged for generations. Famous 4th isn’t open for retail yet but pick-up, people! Order online or by phone (215-625-9870) and they’ll tell you when you can swing by for your own little box of heaven (Monday thru Friday, 7am – 3pm).

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Mo’ Mustache, Mo’ Money

This Fallser’s getting furrier for the month of “Movember,” raising funds and awareness for Men’s Health Issues.  Let’s get him to his goal! 


In his training as a volunteer firefighter in Colorado, John Cardenas was taught to rise to his best when people are having perhaps their worst day ever. But who saves the rescuers? “Our training does not prepare us to cope with the emotions after the fact,” he told us. So he’s growing a mustache this month for suicide prevention and mental health.

Cause it’s “Movember,” baby!

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