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Holiday Road Trips with Your Pet

Hitting the road the right way for the holidays.

With the holidays upon us many people are traveling to visit friends and family and want to bring their dog or cat with them.   There are many things you can do to make travel easier and less stressful for your pet.

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DIY Art Corner: Make a Mason Jar Winter Wonderland Lantern!

With just basic supplies, you can make Christmas candle jars that look amazing when illuminated at night. 

One of the things I love most about handmade items is their uniqueness.  No one else will have exactly the same piece… even if they follow the exact same instructions. This is definitely one of those projects!

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Northern Exposure

After a lifetime in Columbia SC, a new neighbor takes a chance on East Falls.

Brandy Doby lived her whole life in Columbia, SC until about three months ago. Out of the blue, one of her lifelong friends asked her if she was up for an adventure – a move north to Philly. Eight weeks later, she’d packed up and was on the road north with Mollie and another BFF, Beth. “It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. “I’m normally a very anxious person and home has always been a constant source of comfort for me.”

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Christmas Bells

Charlie Brown rides the Polar Express? A mashup tale of two Christmas icons.

For all his life, Charlie Brown just wanted to kick a field goal. Other kids wanted to play quarterback or wide receiver, so that they could break records and score more and more points, but Charlie Brown had milder aspirations. He didn’t want to score the game-winning points or lead the team to victory. Charlie Brown just wanted to help when his team needed him so that he could focus on cheering on his teammates.

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Merry Crustmas!

Naughty or nice? The Pizza Ninja decides which list Larry’s Steaks is on.

Hello pizza fanatics and welcome to the Christmas edition of the pizza review, brought to you by the man who has a Santa-sized belly from all of his pizza eating.

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2017: The Year in Review

Time flies, Fallsers – another year’s behind us. Before we turn the page on 2017, let’s take a look back at some highlights from the neighborhood. 


Fish sculpture returned to Inn Yard Park.

NewCourtland announces plans to incorporate a dog park and a community garden into plans for their Henry Avenue senior services campus (in the former EPPI property).

Japanese Banquet Hall on Kelly Drive comes down to make room for townhomes/condos.

EFDC hires street cleaner for Ridge Avenue business corridor.

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Faces of East Falls

These are the people in our neighborhood! East Falls’ favorite photographer gets up close ‘n personal with neighbors who share their hobbies, happy places, and secrets for enjoying life as a Fallser. 

Karaoke and poltergeists? Captured by Caity‘s “Faces” gets off to an interesting start with Nick Malfitano and Kathy Anderson.

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Help this Mutt Strut!

Hobbled hound hopes for happy howliday!

We didn’t want to go all Tiny Tim on you, but it’s the Christmas season and we’re not above tugging heartstrings! This adorable mutt is Darwin, party animal, bareback rider, and puppy dynamo. Ever since he was rescued from a kill shelter over five years ago, he’s also been a rock for his owner Katarina.

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Stop and No!

Community activists finally got a win against “Stop and Go” corner liquor stores as Governor Wolf signed a bill last month cracking down on these nuisance establishments.

Pictured (l to r): Darece Williford, Cheryl Spencer, Pam DeLissio, and Denise Whittaker – three members of the Community Action Group with Rep DeLissio.

For years, activists in Allegheny West fought what seemed a losing battle against a surge of corner convenience stores whose only convenience seemed to be cheap beer and alcohol shots to go. Advertisements outside for cheesesteaks, hoagies and Chinese food didn’t square with what was inside — no chairs, tables, or even food.

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Grandma Got Run Over by Some Rein-beers

Favorite beers to take the pain out of reindeer/pedestrian collisions over the holidays.

It’s the holiday season once again and I’m already suffering from the Holi-daze.

Holi-Daze (n): Confused & anxious behavior exhibited between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, associated with family gatherings, extensive travels, enormous meals, unwarranted advice, excruciating Christmas song radio play, long checkout lines, and overall yuletide yada yada yada.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, and he LOVES beer! Think about it, who other than a beer bellied, heavily-bearded, red-nosed, jolly fat guy, who lives in an arctic climate with flying reindeer and elves, and insists on spreading goodwill and cheer during the holiday season, could be responsible for such great seasonal beer offerings! Okay, so take away the below-freezing temperatures, reindeer, and elves and I just described every brewer, beer-geek, and heavier hipster I know……but I WANT TO BELIEVE!

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