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Delicious Local Drama

More live theater for the Falls, in three small tasty bites!

Philly Theatre Week comes to East Falls with Juniper Productions’ PLAY APPETIZERS, February 9th, 10th and 11th at Vault + Vine, a charming new shop-florist-cafe in East Falls. The event features three short plays from Philly-area playwrights — Renee Lucas Wayne, Julie Zaffarano, and Queen Lane resident Kathy Anderson (who you may recognize from East Falls Faces).

It’s Kathy Anderson’s second time with pop-up theatre in East Falls.

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Introducing: Praiseworthy Pets

A trainer who does all the work for you? We’re intrigued… And putting our own dog to the test!

If you’re busy with a challenging dog, Naomi Rotenberg is like a dream come true: she’ll teach your pet everything he needs to know, and then show you how to handle him from here on out. No classes, no hassles. Naomi trains your pooch right at home and in your neighborhood while you’re away at work or otherwise occupied.

How does this even work? Our reactive rescue Ducky makes an excellent guinea pig for Praiseworthy Pets, a new training option for East Falls and nearby neighborhoods.

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Missed Connections

Compiled by Karl Von Lichtenhollen. Missed connections are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to foster a belief in random meetings. Email us your Missed Connections or text 215-498-8874.



You made my holiday season. So glad we met. I’m just glad when you are present. Best gift ever.


* * * * * *

Greta – I’m a grieving man, I can’t believe the things I’ve done to you. Ok, ok, I am a guilty man. The time has come to undo the wrong I’ve done.

~Captain Bligh

* * * * * *

She wears a sun dress and army boots in winter. A faux fur coat in summer. Blue hair. Endearing scowl. What is your name? I see you all over town. When I approach you with a compliment, please don’t pepper spray me.

~Nervous Ned

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First Time’s the Charm for Local Soccer Champs

East Falls, we have a winner!

Courtesy Meghan Smyth

In only its first year of existence, the East Falls traveling soccer team stormed through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation League last year like Maradona through a B team defense (sorry, I imagine the kids these days prefer Ronaldo or Messi) and pulled off an upset win to take home the title for the 10 and under division in December.

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Cold Hands Warm Thoughts

A sucker for a sweet smile and a bad attitude hopes this time it’ll be different in a short story about love in wintertime.

“I’m never doing this again.”

Paul rubbed his hands together to circulate the blood. He cursed once, twice, thrice, swearing unprintable words about the bitter Philadelphia winter.

“What’s the matter, huh? If you’re cold yur not workin’ hard enough,” Bob said, “Pick up the damn shovel and get back to it.”

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RAH Revival Continues

A rehab Renaissance nextdoor. 

RAH’s current growth spurt hasn’t been limited to new construction from outside developers. Older homes, too, are being renovated to accommodate the influx of professionals who’ve discovered this artsy, affordable area bordering East Falls. In fact, this community (which now seems to favor the name “Paradise”) was once called the “Lower Falls” and was the outer limits for St. Bridget’s parish.

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2018 Resolution: Beyond Boring Pizza

Fed up with lame pizza, the Ninja looks for a new challenge in the new year.

Hello pizza fanatics and welcome to the January 2018 edition of the East Falls Pizza Review.  New Year, new pizza, same Ninja.

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DIY Art Corner: Sock Snowmen!

Stuck inside? Here’s the perfect family art project for riding out the arctic weather.

I think we can all agree that snowmen made out of socks are rather adorable!  The best part is, you can make them with just few household items, so it is also a good reuse/recycling as well as a 3D art lesson!

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East Falls Faces

These are the people in our neighborhood! East Falls’ favorite photographer gets up close ‘n personal with neighbors who share their hobbies, happy places, and secrets for enjoying life as a Fallser. 

Can a bar be your best friend? Is it possible to adopt a cat by accident? This second installment of Captured by Caity‘s “Faces” brings up some fun head-scratchers from JP Palmer and Sarah Wingo.

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Karma Points for the New Year

Start 2018 off with a good deed for our neighborhood’s public school. Your generosity makes a huge impact locally. 

Thomas Mifflin School is bursting with innovative faculty and staff. Take a look at some of these exciting campaigns and projects. Whether you’re a techy, an outdoor enthusiast, or a theater buff — there’s a campaign to interest you!

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