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Now Where Were We?

Politics & paranoia on a site for pics & memories? A funny thing happened on I’m From East Falls last month… 


Well that was interesting.

If you witnessed the “I’m From East Falls” meltdown on Facebook, I can only apologize for my long and cringe-worthy exit. Yes, I know I could’ve taken the hint and left on my own but, to me, that’d be giving in. If a few over-zealous Kool-aid drinkers wanted me gone, I wasn’t leaving meekly. I’d come here to learn, and ooh boy did I get schooled.

When confronted, I had but one goal: get as much information as I could before I was bounced. Managed to keep the admin engaged (enraged?) from 10:20 am to 2:51 pm. I’ve selected choice screen shots here, to add to the fun. Ready?

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So Close You Can Tap It

A sneak peek behind the scenes as a new East Falls brewery nears completion.


Having a brewery come to town for the first time in decades can make anybody excited but when it’s opening within 100 yards of your house (i.e.“stumbling distance”), it really amps up the anticipation. So we were giddy last Friday morning to see shiny new brewing tanks and fermenters arrive at the future location of the Wissahickon Brewing Company (WBCO) on School House Lane.

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Fantastic Fun at Fall Fest

What happens when you close Kelly Drive, and invite a couple hundred of your favorite neighbors to a party by the river? East Falls celebrates Autumn with beer, food trucks, dogs in costume, and more family-friendly activities than you can shake a pumpkin at. 


This time each year, East Falls’ Fire Department shuts down Kelly Drive here as part of community outreach: they offer games, snacks, and activities to promote fire prevention awareness. Kids love exploring firetrucks, trying on equipment, sliding down big inflatable slides, etc. For one day, East Falls gets a really cool riverside playground.

Even more — we all get a whole park! With awesome views of our bridges, plus the steeples of St. Bridget’s and the historic rowhomes up Indian Queen Lane. For the last few years, Community Council has been adding booths, vendors, music, and more to create an exceptionally vibrant, well-rounded festival with something for everyone.

Thanks to Roxanne Gioia for sharing her terrific pictures, which we’ve added to our own in this photo-recap…

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New Day at McMichael

Finally, a breakthrough in the McMichael playground standoff! Councilman Jones announces plans for a natural playspace in the park. 


As the air turns cooler and crisper and the leaves begin falling, it is another autumn in East Falls. There is much to be proud about in your little nook of our city. The business district is taking off; residential development is at an all time high and of course, the many parks and recreational spaces including McMichael Park are thriving.

As you may know, there was a Community Forum held in late June at Gustine Recreation Center to discuss the idea of a play space at McMichael Park. Parks & Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell and I attended as did leaders from the community who presented their ideas on the topic.

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Top Halloween Tips for Fido

How to get your best friend through the scary season by local dog trainer Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks.


(Special thanks to Dr. Caroline Patten, owner of Liberty Vet Clinic, for pics of her costumed patients!)

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins at your front door or passing on the street. Creepy plastic hands clawing their way out of your neighbor’s front yard, er, graveyard. This time of year there are decorations and costumes that may stir a bit of laughter or fright for humans and dogs alike.

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Ringstetten: The Recap

If you missed out on East Falls’ Oktoberfest, no worries — Caity MacLeod’s candid, personal pics bring this party to life! The first Castle on Tap slid us back in time, showcased a future brewery, & brought us a big step closer public river access in East Falls.


Congratulations, East Falls! Castle on Tap far exceeded EFDC’s fundraising projections, pulling in $3,000 towards a boat launch. “That’ll pay for engineer studies needed for the next stage of the design,” Gina Snyder explained, and help keep the ball moving on this project.

Financially, Castle on Tap was a huge success. As a party, though, we are eager to tweak the plan.

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October Music Scene

Favorite concert picks this month from local rocker Caitlyn Grabenstein.


Let’s start with two great BANDADE benefit shows. As usual, a portion of the proceeds from these events goes towards cancer education & patient services in the NW Philly area.

October 17

TreWay ft. The NOW Generation / Korey Riker / iLLECTIVE at Silk City

Two time Grammy winning drummer, Tre Lambert, will be performing as TreWay after resident Jazz Composer at the Kimmel Center, Korey Riker, and new Philly soul group, iLLECTIVE. Check out the Silk City website for tickets. Portion of all proceeds benefit people affected by cancer.

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Turning Japanese on Kelly Drive

After a setback at Civic Design Review last Wednesday, what’s next for the development of the old Japanese banquet hall site on Kelly Drive?


The next step in the development of the vacant Japanese banquet hall will have to wait a little longer as the Civic Design Review (CDR) board voted last Wednesday to bring back Gary Jonas and his HOW Properties team for another review of their plan.

The CDR cited missed opportunities and lack of connection to the river as disappointments in the design renderings and suggested several improvements they hoped would be incorporated in the next round of renderings.

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Behind the Tap: Fall’s to the Wall

Pow! We’re in the thick of pumpkin beer season! Let local brew guru Jon Kennedy help you navigate Autumn’s spiciest ales & lagers with grace and daring. 


Well it’s Fall again, you know that time where every BASIC person you know orders pumpkin spice everything! I know WINTER IS COMING, John. Snow….but until then let us bask in the Pumpkin-ocolypse and enjoy all the great things Fall has to offer.

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Clucking Good Chicken on Ridge

Foghorn’s menu might be small, but their thickly-battered, deeply-fried and boldly-seasoned chicken brings big flavor to East Falls. Try. The. Sandwich. 


Right off the bat, lemme get this clear: I lived in super-rural Georgia for more than a decade.  I have strong opinions about fried chicken.

This fried chicken at Foghorns — it’s “Philly-style”  which is not really a thing but more like an invention of Foghorn’s chef/owner Arthur Cavaliere (also of In Riva): brined chicken, double-breaded, and submerged in hot oil until the coating crisps into a thick, rich-brown shell with lots of crunch.

Philly-style chicken was created to stand up to dips and condiments that Cavaliere feels define the Philadelphia palate.  Not so sure where he’s coming from, but I do appreciate where he arrived.

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