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Twenty Years that Changed Philly

With so much historic architecture in NW Philly, it’s easy to take our scenery for granted. Joseph Minardi explains how our city grew into such distinct neighborhoods so worthy of preservation today. 

From the collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia

Philadelphia has been around for over three centuries, but there was a two-decade period that transformed the city into an industrial powerhouse and spurred a huge growth spurt in the city’s population. To meet the residential demand, a number of builders were up to the task in building thousands of houses, many of them the typical Philadelphia row house. Seemingly overnight the city’s fields and farms were transformed into densely populated row house neighborhoods.

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Say Cheese, Speeders!

Pam DeLissio & EFCC’s Traffic Committee propose speed cameras on Henry from Allegheny to Andorra.   

It’s a predictable and indisputable fact: speed kills. The faster a vehicle is moving when it crashes, the more severe the consequences. Our own Henry Avenue is a danger zone: since 2011, there’ve been more than 350 traffic crashes, and at least 7 fatalities. Although speed hasn’t necessarily been a cause in every instance, it’s always a significant factor.

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Full House in the Falls

East Falls brought the love to the first-ever Philly Theatre Week! 

Coffee, pastries, and original local drama! Sold-out crowds for Play Appetizers, savory short plays at Vault + Vine’s lovely upstairs venue.

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Vote for Barb! Little White Dog has been nominated for Best in Pet Daycare by Philly Happening.

East Falls represent! Calumet street resident — and Scott’s lane business owner — runs a great operation that deserves a win. Here’s five good reasons to VOTE FOR BARB! <— click here to vote now or read more about our favorite Dame of Doggies.

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Protecting Your Pet’s Skin in Cold Weather

Some tips for keeping your pets comfortable when the temps dip.

Frigid temperatures are here which means we must take some extra precautions with our pets.  As we crank up the heat in our homes, the dry air can negatively affect the skin on our dogs and cats. Some pets are much more sensitive to the dry air than others and will develop dry, flaky skin in the winter.

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See You at the Parade!

East Falls exploded in joy Sunday after the Eagles’ big win. Our highlights, plus local scoop on Thursday’s massive celebration. 

OMG, it really happened! After decades of crushed dreams, Philadelphia fans finally realized sweet victory at last. The brouhaha’s not over, either — over 2 million people are expected to soon flood the city, with some repercussions in our neighborhood.

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I ♥ To Represent U

I am often asked, why I love my job…and what exactly is my job?

In 2010 when I first ran for election and was meeting many citizens at their door, I got asked a myriad of questions, a few that I remember to this day.

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Missed Connections

Compiled by Karl Von Lichtenhollen. Missed connections are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to foster a belief in random meetings. Email us your Missed Connections or text 215-498-8874.


Hey there, Border Collie. It’s me, German Sheppard. We met at the Eagles/Vikings tailgate and since then I wanted to “bark up your tree.” Everything about you was so fetching. We sniffed each other for what seemed like 10 dog years but in reality was probably more like 2 human-minutes. It didn’t get too ruff, though, which is okay. Listen, I’m running out of dog jokes but if you want to grab a drink some time, meet me at the super BOWL. I want to give another meaning to the word “underdog.” GO BIRDS!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Hey wait a minute, Chuck. I just realized St. Bridget’s doesn’t even have a bingo hall so where the hell were you again last Saturday night? DD

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Green Light for LeBus

It’s coming! It’s coming! LeBus East Falls has announced they’ll be open for business Wednesday February 7th. 

Felicite Moorman takes LeBus for a spin the week before Opening Day

After some delays in 2017, David Braverman’s new restaurant at Ridge & Midvale is just about ready to go. This last week of prep, LeBus East Falls “practices” on local business & community leaders, including our favorite global tech entrepreneur, pictured here.

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East Falls Faces

These are the people in our neighborhood! East Falls’ favorite photographer gets up close ‘n personal with neighbors who share their hobbies, happy places, and secrets for enjoying life as a Fallser. 

Four “Faces” this installment — all musically inclined and profuse in their neighborhood appreciation. Photos (and interview) by Captured by Caity. To apply for a free portrait and feature in the Local, complete her questionnaire here.

Meanwhile, here’s Joshua, Kaitlyn, Jason, and Nathan…

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