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East Falls represent! Calumet street resident — and Scott’s lane business owner — shoots for a Philly.com “Reader’s Choice” nomination. We’ve got five good reasons to cast a vote for her, plus: adorable dog pics! 

One thing to know about Barb Berman: she’s a friend of ours, and our votes were entirely personal — as is this post. But the whole concept of a “Reader’s Choice” award is subjective, right? We’re not voting for “Best Of” or even “Top Rated.” We’re voting as readers.

We’re voting as neighbors too — this is a Philly.com contest, after all. Of course we wanna cheer on a fellow Fallser who’s trying to bring some good buzz to our community!

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EFL Traveler: Wave of the Future

Local tech firm shows off latest “Smart City” gear at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin.

Smart Cities” are a thing! Around the world, cities are using digital technology to function more efficiently. And who knew that a local firm has been pioneering some of the techno-wizardry for these cities of the future? (Well, we did – but you should know too!)

So we asked Felicite Moorman, CEO of BuLogics, a few questions about her recent trip to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) where she talked up Smart City technology (and brought along an EF Local)!

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YOU’RE INVITED: A Reality News Experiment at Mifflin

What do you get when you arm a classroom full of grade school students with cameras and interview questions?  We don’t know either, but this Wednesday we can all find out together when we take Mifflin Career Day to Facebook Live.

What kind of job is blogging? We like to say we’re not journalists but “reality reporters.” That is, we write about our experiences living and working right here in the neighborhood — like our little own East Falls reality show.

Our plan for Mifflin Career Day, then:  create a blog post in real time, by interviewing and recording the kids while they interview and record us and each other. While the whole thing is recorded live on Facebook.

And introducing… THE  KID CAM!  

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Springtime menace: Floods and freshets on the Schuylkill River

Springtime on the Schuylkill in the 19th century could be extremely hazardous because of sudden ice thaws known as freshets.

Kelly Drive. May 1, 2014

Flooding these days on Kelly Drive is often an inconvenience. Traffic gets rerouted and things are back to normal in a few hours. But not long ago, flash floods known as freshets could wreak immense havoc.

Destructive power of freshets
These flash floods occurred in March or April, when ice sheets covering the Schuylkill began to thaw, crack, and move downstream. Occasionally, these floes piled on top of one another, clogging the river at choke points and forming enormous ice dams.

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A Fish Out of Order

Repairing the damage to an iconic East Falls art installation.

History buffs in the Falls might have noticed something missing on Kelly Drive beneath the Twin Bridges – the “Five Fishes” art installation, installed in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Falls Bridge, has been temporarily removed for repairs.

It was damaged in a fatal car accident in April 2016 that also destroyed the informational sign that stood in front of it.

Sculptor and metal fabricator Steve Sears, who created the original work, visited the Falls in mid February and removed the iron sculptures from the wall. He was amazed that after 20 years, the pieces were still so firmly anchored that some of the bolts had to be cut to remove them.

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Ready for Commerce on Conrad

Space available in the former Hohenadel office building — including a turn-key deli/market with many possibilities for success in our growing neighborhood. 

East Falls’ secondary business corridor‘s been experiencing some growing pains recently. Neighbors are grappling to appreciate five modern townhomes at the corner of Conrad and Penn, while up the street at Sunnyside, once-promising businesses vacate — including the abrupt closing of a local favorite, Conrad Market.

What happened? And what could do better here, instead?

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Le Bus Stops Here

Timber Lane resident reboots his legendary restaurant with a new spin for the Falls. 

If you haven’t seen the Philly.com article yet — heads up! Le Bus Bistro will be bringing homey American cuisine to the corner of Ridge and Midvale, in the space vacated when Johnny Manana’s closed last November.

What the piece doesn’t tell you, though, is that East Falls’ rumor mill was onto this scoop weeks ago. In fact, a neighbor on Nextdoor kinda goaded Le Bus owner (and Fallser) David Braverman into confirming his intentions and coughing up some details. Which we shall blab here…

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That Time Connor Barwin Came to Mifflin

In case you’re not bummed enough Philly’s losing this guy… 

What a loss! Connor Barwin was not just a leader on the field, he was a generous neighbor who gave back to the community. His Make the World Better Foundation supports all kinds of arts/athletics/wellness programs, and as a role model, Connor makes time to inspire kids all around the city — including East Falls.

Back in December 2014, Connor stopped by Mifflin School to judge the Junior Flower Show and engage students about seeds, plants, and trees. Our photos from that day show a guy who had a blast — just a big kid with an even bigger heart.

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Lost beagle/shepherd mix on the border of East Falls and Germantown. Heart-broken owners have been searching since Thursday. 

After seeing frantic Facebook posts this weekend about a runaway rescue named Emma, the Pack Walk detoured through and around Cloverly Park, where she was last seen. Maybe one of the dogs could sniff her out or lure her from hiding? No dice, unfortunately.

We did, however, run into the owner Patrick and his mother who were still canvasing the area, desperate for a sign of their beloved girl. Patrick & his girlfriend Zoe followed up with all the details in an email that we hope will help bring Emma home soon.

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Playing by Heart

Local musician makes connections with patients that go beyond words.

Spirituality and music have always played large roles in Lynn Wetherbee’s life. Her love affair with the harp began when she was 10 years old and a spiritual calling later in life made her an interfaith hospital chaplain.

It’s only when she began her career at Visiting Nurses Association on Henry Avenue as a therapeutic musician that she realized how powerful the combination of her ministry and her musical talents could be in providing spiritual comfort to the sick.

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