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East Falls to the Rescue

Local business owner learns first-hand what it means to be part of our can-do community. 

EastFallsLocal Operation LWD

Who are your neighbors? And what kind of crisis would it take for you to rush across town to help them?

A break-in? A fire? A lost child or pet..?

A broken garage door? 

Seriously, that’s all it took for a whirlwind of East Falls helpers to descend from out of the blue one Thursday evening this August, when the owner of Little White Dog (Scotts Lane) discovered she couldn’t lock up her doggie daycare center for the night. And her landlord was not returning calls.

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Behind the Tap: Summer Beers for Early Fall

Cheers to the first installment of Behind the Tap — a regular column about beer tips, food pairings and bartenderly advice from Jonathan Kennedy, Murphy’s resident Hospitality Engineer and Craft Beer Enthusiast. This month: Summer beers for early fall.

EastFallsLocal JonKennedy.Speech Bubble

As a bartender, I’m constantly asked, “Hey, JK what are you drinking right now?” or “What do you like?

I usually reply, “Nothing right now, I’m working. What do think I am, some kind of degenerate boozehound?  Please don’t answer.” or “Well, judging by your cut-off shorts and Backstreet Boys tank top, we’re obviously into different things…..I’m more of an NSYNC fan, I mean just for JT’s vocals alone!

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What the Duck(weed)?!

Surely you’ve noticed the excess of green slime floating on the Schuylkill lately. Algae? Pollution? Toxic sludge? Nope, just duckweed — rowers hate it but this benign aquatic flowering plant is a genetic wonder that could save the planet.  

EastFallsLocal green goo duck weed

Despite how it looks, this Summer’s bloom of duckweed is completely harmless, says Philadelphia’s Water Department. In a recent interview with Philadelphia Magazine, public info officer Laura Copeland explained that duckweed occurs naturally in low-flow conditions — it is not a sign the river is unhealthy.

In fact, NBC10 reported duckweed can actually help protect water quality by competing with algae, which can deplete oxygen and lead to fish kills. This year, duckweed has been especially rampant with the Schuylkill so low, creating the near-stagnant conditions this aquatic plant thrives in. Doesn’t help that heavy rains a few weeks back flushed down a big biomass from upstream.

So what is duckweed, anyway?

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VNA Hits Home Run for Hospice Patient

The Visiting Nurse Association’s team of hospice professionals goes the extra mile to lift spirits and celebrate their patients’ passions. Maureen Murphy shares how a lifelong Phillies fan recently enjoyed a very special day at the ball park. 

EastFallsLocal resized 1500

We love it when we can brighten a patient’s day or help them make a wish come true.

We recently got a great chance. One of our chaplains, the Rev. Laura Barry, visits Mr. Walter Stafford, a patient, and finds out he’s a Phillies fan.  Reverend Laura had an idea!

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Manifest Density: Zoning for Our Riverfront

So… are we still getting that big apartment building where the Japanese restaurant used to be? And some kind of thru-street between Kelly and Ridge? Answers, photos & links in our quick zoning recap. 

EastFallsLocal how properties resize

Funny how loving architecture doesn’t necessarily make you good at assessing design plans. I’m talking personally: when Gary Jonas of HOW Properties put up the image of his new apartment building for Kelly Drive, I thought it looked fine. Not the most beautiful structure, sure, but it seemed kinda snazzy with the red brick, the geometry.

But what do I know? Neighborhood feedback has been way lousy.

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Pizza Ninja: Again with Apollos

He’s baaaaaack… and hungry for more. Pizza Ninja sizes up the oldest pizza joint in town — with new payment options, yet. 

EastFallsLocal Appollos pizza ninja post

Hello Pizza Readers,

We last left off with a review of Golden Crust III.  This month, I decided to throw the remaining pizza shops in a hat and choose one at random.

Rule recap:

  • The shop must be located in the 19129,
  • Have delivery,
  • Have cheese pizza.

To my EXTREME PIZZA EXCITEMENT, the shop chosen this month was Apollo’s Pizza of 3542 Conrad St.

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Cat urine outside the litter box can cause all sorts of damage to rugs, hardwood floors, and clothing (not to mention your relationship with your cat). It can also be a sign of a serious medical condition. East Fallser Dr. Caroline Patten, of Liberty Veterinary Clinic,  resident) has some tips to deal with inappropriate urination in her column this month. 

Eastfallslocal.Cat Litter Box

House soiling, or inappropriate urination, is the most common behavioral problem of cats. However, when a cat urinates outside of the litter box, this behavioral problem may have an underlying medical cause.

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LOCAL TRAFFIC: Good News & Bad News

Yay! Construction on the Walnut Lane Bridge should be completed next month! Unfortunately, as one traffic snarl ends, another begins — this one, even closer to home. 

EastFallsLocal Walnut Lane Bridge nears completion Judy Gotwald Aug 2016 txt

Have you been loving all the traffic on Schoolhouse Lane, or what? Since repairs began on the Walnut Lane Bridge last April, rush hour in East Falls has been extra-maddening thanks to detours that bring drivers from all over NW Philly thru our neighborhood.

Walnut Lane Bridge is one of only two crossing points over the entire 4-mile stretch of the Wissahickon Gorge — with its closing, many drivers from Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy, Germantown, etc. were detoured thru East Falls streets, creating stop-and-go traffic several times a day. Locals are ready to say goodbye to Rush Hour headaches.

Not so fast, Fallsers!

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Zoning with the Flow

Too much traffic on Ridge? Not enough parking? A proposed parking lot and through street between Ridge Ave. and Kelly Drive could improve both.

EastFallsLocal northwest plan zoom on parking lot resize highlighted more txt

Tomorrow night’s joint East Falls Forward/EFCC zoning meeting (7PM at Downs Hall, PhilaU,  interactive map here OR driving directions here) could have big repercussions for traffic and parking on Ridge Ave., East Falls’ own rush hour cattle chute. A proposal to design a parking lot that would eventually become a through street between Ridge and Kelly Drive will be open for discussion. 

Gina Snyder, of the East Falls Development Corporation, gets us up to speed on the history of the site and the issues at hand:

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Northwest Residents Hope to Preserve Community Garden

Neighbors rally to protect and reactivate the Old Tennis Court Farm.

Eastfallslocal.Old Tennis Court Farm w TEXT

by Ellen Wert
Friends of Cloverly Park

The 50 garden plots lie fallow, and weeds have overtaken the pathways between them. Birds are enjoying the bounty of the fruit trees and berry bushes. There are no weekly boxes and bags of fresh, organic vegetables for local food security programs. The gardeners of the Old Tennis Court Farm community garden on the 5400 block of Wissahickon Avenue are sitting this season out.

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